You Can Now Glamp in the Air at ‘The Floating Retreat’

These floating tent pods seek to merge the excitement of outdoor adventure with the comfort and luxury of modern lodging

The Floating Retreat offers more than just a thrilling camping experience, it takes glamping to a whole new level. Literally. Huddled in the mountains of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, the Floating Retreat by Ardh Architects allows would-be visitors to stay in a tent that’s suspended in mid-air over stunning views.

Inspired by cliff camping, the project was developed in partnership with Shurooq, a Sharjah Investment and Development Authority that aims to promote environmental awareness. One of their main goals is to re-energize the local community through tourism by providing a space for people to connect with the natural beauty of the region and learn about its rich culture and heritage.

These floating tent pods boast a simple but modern design made from fabric and strong chromoly steel cables. The tents are lightweight, fireproof, breathable, waterproof and UV stable. The campsite will be able to store up to 10 pyramid-shaped pods that are set on a long walkway that stretches from one mountain to another.

Designed to offer a luxurious and comfy stay, guests are guaranteed to feel the excitement of camping amidst nature. The pods are equipped with a range of luxe amenities, a private bathroom, room service, and Wi-Fi access. Guests will be able to stay overnight during winter months, while from May to September, the tents will only be available for day use for guests to soak in extraordinary views as well as gain access to the spa.

Aside from the exclusive lodging experience, the Floating Retreat also offers a variety of traditional camping activities such as mountain climbing, cycling, and wadi treks, which offer guests the opportunity to explore the spectacular beauty of the Sharjah mountains and at the same time, feel the thrill of outdoor adventure.

If you’ve read this and feel a strong concern over safety protocols, fret not, as all hotel staff and engineers on-site are trained to handle risks such as fire hazards, wind blow, or stuck pods. Ardh Architects founder Oman Alowais says, “The safety of our guests is our primary concern, and we have implemented measures to ensure that they can enjoy their adventure with confidence and peace of mind.”

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