Koktail Archive: Discover Sassy and Sustainable Swimwear Brands with an Eco-Friendly Twist

Where sustainable values meet timeless and fashion-forward designs of bikinis and bathing suits

Whether you're immersed in Thailand's rainy season or planning your next getaway to sunnier destinations, it's never too early to start preparing your swimwear wardrobe. While the current weather may not be ideal for swimming in Thailand, now is the perfect time to browse and invest in exquisite swimwear. By planning ahead, you can be ready to stroll on the beach in an eco chic bikini, dive into crystal-clear waters and bask in the sun for your next tropical getaway.

Dive into Koktail’s curated collection of swimwear that embodies both beauty and sustainable values. From brands using materials that are kind to the planet to protecting marine life, you can look stunning while treading lightly on the planet without sacrificing style.


Embark on a beachside adventure with Fisch's exquisite swimwear 80s-inspired styles, proudly crafted in Italy. The brand offers eye-catching swimwear and they're committed to sustainability too. Each piece is crafted with Econyl, a regenerated nylon fabric, woven in an Italian mill located just a stone's throw away from their factory. Moreover, the swimwear brand is a proud partner of Healthy Seas and together with a team of highly skilled divers, they're tackling the challenging task of removing ghost nets from our oceans. These reclaimed nets are transformed into the very fabric that Fisch uses, giving it a deeper meaning and purpose.

To shop, visit fischswim.com.


At first glance, it's clear that this brand was designed with the modern woman in mind. With minimalistic silhouettes, the colour palette features neutral tones like navy, olive green, brown, and mustard yellow, ensuring that every skin tone radiates beauty and offers a timeless appeal. But Everlane's allure extends beyond its surface-level charm. This brand is dedicated to revolutionising the modern consumer experience. With a commitment to "radical transparency," Everlane takes customers on a journey to discover the origins of their garments and their impact on the environment. On their website, you can explore the true cost of each item and detailed information about the factories they collaborate with worldwide. Moreover, the brand also showcases their conscientious approach to materials by providing information when selecting fabrics, ensuring that sustainability and ethics are at the forefront of their choices.

To shop, visit everlane.com.

Vanessa Sposi

Splash into the world of Vanessa Sposi, a fresh and vibrant sustainable swimwear brand that burst onto the scene just last year. With a firm commitment to ethical practices and environmental consciousness, their collections are designed to make a positive impact. Every piece aims for a flawless fusion of fashion and sustainability. From the bustling streets of Paris to the expert weaving techniques in Italy, and finally brought to life in the hands of Portuguese artisans, each swimwear creation is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. 

To shop, visit vanessasposi.com.

Paper London

Where every piece is a powerful statement for our oceans—Paper London’s pieces are made from recycled fishing nets and production waste found floating in our precious waters, each garment serves a dual purpose: reducing plastic pollution and protecting marine life. With eight million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans annually, the need for brands to step up and recycle plastics has never been more critical. Paper London takes this responsibility seriously, recognizing the urgent need to save the countless marine animals entangled in these materials each year. By transforming discarded plastics into functional swimwear, the brand creates stunning fashion and also actively contributes to the clean-up of our oceans. 

To shop, visit paperlondon.com.

Gnash Swim

As an iconic Australian swimwear brand, Gnash has consistently championed the high cut style, continuously refreshing it with new and exciting designs every season. While Gnash bikinis have always been showstoppers, we have always been obsessed with their “string one piece”. But the brand isn’t only fabulous, Gnash Swim brings you a collection that’s as colourful as it is eco-conscious. Because sustainable swimwear should be accessible to all, the brand offers affordable pieces without compromising on quality or style. Their swimwear is manufactured using eco-friendly fabrics sourced from pre- and post-consumer materials. By giving new life to these materials, the brand reduces waste and promotes a more sustainable future.

To shop, visit gnashswim.com.

Frankies Bikinis

The Los Angeles-based brand goes beyond swimwear—alongside their eco-conscious swimwear line, they offer a collection of sustainable cover-ups that will elevate your beachside wardrobe. The brand takes their commitment to sustainability seriously, evident in their range of halter dresses and sets made from 100% viscose sourced from natural wood pulp. In addition to their sustainable focus, Frankies Bikinis is known for collaborating with celebrities who embody confidence and empowerment. From past collaborations with fashion icons like Gigi Hadid to their recent partnership with the inspiring Sydney Sweeney, their collections are designed to inspire and uplift.

To shp, visit frankiesbikinis.com.