Eco-Chic and Sustainable Essentials for Furry Friends

As the world continues to embrace sustainable living practices, the concept of sustainability has extended beyond human needs to include our beloved furry companions

Pet Humanisation, where pets are considered valuable members of the family, has paved the way for a growing demand for sustainable pet gear and supplies. Pet owners are increasingly seeking environmentally friendly and ethically produced products that not only cater to the well-being of their furry friends but also align with their own values of conscious consumption. Because of this, a wide range of sustainable pet productshave emerged in the market, offering innovative and eco-friendly solutions for pet care. 

From biodegradable cat litter to environmentally friendly pet furniture, here are a few Thai brands who prioritise health and happiness of both pets and the planet. 


Using biodegradable cat litter offers several benefits, both for the environment and for the well-being of your cat. Kasty’s litter is made from tofu, not only is it flushable and easily disposable but it also improves air quality as it is free from chemicals, fragrances, and artificial additives. Moreover, biodegradable litters often have natural odour-controlling properties, helping to keep your home smelling fresher. They’re also generally safe for cats, as they are made from natural materials that are unlikely to cause allergies or irritations. Most of all, they provide a comfortable and non-toxic environment for your cat's sensitive paws.

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O2 Nature

A gentle and natural pet shampoo infused with herbal extracts, O2 Shampoo is developed using a chemical-free formula that leaves no residue. This shampoo is suitable for all types of pet skin, providing a mild and moisturising experience for healthy skin and a shiny coat. Products for both cats and dogs, the shampoo leaves a long-lasting natural scent that remains fresh for up to 48 hours, promoting relaxation for both you and your pet. The natural extracts in O2 work at the molecular level, targeting and eliminating bacteria that commonly cause skin diseases and unpleasant body odours. By using pet shampoo made from natural extracts, you can provide gentle cleansing for your pet while minimising the risk of skin irritations. 

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Perfect for nature-loving individuals, CatChawa are environmentally friendly products suitable for small-sized cats and dogs that are made from woven Java grass. CatChawa works with locals to weave the Java grass, combined with design and patterns, to create durable and safe pet products. Having well-designed products, such as cat houses, furniture, and pet toys, has contributed to CatChawa's popularity among cat lovers. 

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Made in Thailand, Jaikla sells sustainable dog treats that are made from insect protein. If you don’t already know, they offer several benefits for dogs and the environment. Many traditional dog treats contain common allergens such as chicken, beef, or grains. Insect-based treats offer an alternative for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies, as insects are not commonly associated with allergies in pets. Moreover, they are rich in essential nutrients and a sustainable protein source as insect farming requires significantly fewer resources compared to traditional livestock farming. They’re a renewable resource with a low environmental footprint and have a minimal impact on land use, water consumption, and deforestation. Additionally, using food waste or by-products as insect feed reduces food waste and contributes to a circular economy.

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