From Farm to Table: Highlighting Sustainable Sourcing in the Restaurant Industry

These top Thai restaurants are cooking up a storm with locally-sourced produce, zero-waste cuisine, and energy-efficient practices. Bon appetit, and the planet says thanks!

In Thailand, the farm-to-table concept has been getting more popular with restaurants prioritizing sustainable sourcing to reduce their environmental footprint. Read on to discover eco-friendly dining at three of the top sustainable restaurants in the kingdom making a positive impact on the environment and local community.


Embark on a gastronomic journey through the terrains of India at Haoma, Thailand’s first urban farm and zero-waste restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. Run by chef Deepankar Khosla, this neo-Indian fine dining restaurant uses seasonal, homegrown ingredients mixed with fresh produce sourced from local farmers. Diners can explore the secrets of Haoma’s sustainable paradise as they take a tour of the urban farm and fish tanks before indulging in a seamless meat & seafood dining experience with an outstanding vegetarian option.

Haoma, Sukhumvit 31 
Open Tuesday–Sunday 5:30–11pm 
For more information, visit


If you seek a culinary delight to be savored in an ambiance of elegance and comfort, Quince may be the answer to your discerning palate. Overseen by Chefs Julien Perraudin and Shane Reichenbach, their ever-changing menu features carefully selected seasonal produce, ensuring that each dish is not only delicious but also sustainable. They have gone a step further in their sustainability practice by offering discounts to customers who bring their reusable containers for takeaway orders and implementing energy-efficient lighting and equipment.

Quince, 14/2 Soi Somkid Lumphini 
Open MondaySunday 611pm 
For more information, visit


Savor the taste of sustainability at Jampa, where wood-fired, zero-waste cuisine meets the finest local and organic ingredients. Set in a picturesque location overlooking the Andaman Sea in northern Phuket, Jampa provides an idyllic setting for a relaxed evening. Headed by Chef Dingen, diners at Jampa not only indulge in exceptional cuisine but also engage in an interactive, educational experience, learning directly from the chefs about ingredient selection and cooking techniques. 

From locally-sourced produce to reducing food waste, these are just three of the restaurants in Thailand leading the way in promoting a more conscious approach to dining, endorsing that delicious meals are not only good for your taste buds but also for the planet.

Jampa, 46/6 Moo 3, Thep Krasatti 
Open Wednesday–Sunday, 12–3 pm, 6–10pm 
For more information, visit