Sleep Therapy: Ride the R.E.M Current of Slumber Tourism's Awakening

"Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and body”

This year, Google Trends data shows the topic of sleep garnered more global interest than in any other year. People have been searching to explore bedtime rituals, best sleep positions, and to gain insight on the topic of sleeping. But most of all with the question, “Why am I so tired all the time?”—a question which reached the highest point this June, according to Google.

Indeed, the pursuit of rejuvenating sleep has become a challenge for a lot of people, so much so that it sparked a new way of travel. Hotels and wellness resorts have introduced "sleep tourism" initiatives that extend beyond luxurious bedding and blackout curtains.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), has estimated that more than a third of American adults suffer from persistent sleep disorders. Furthermore, a study featured in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine reveals that 40 percent of 2500 adult participants noted a decline in sleep quality since the onset of Covid 19. To perform optimally, the National Sleep Foundation advises that most adults require seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Regrettably, most are falling far short of this recommendation.

People are often distracted by constant overstimulation such as emails, texts, work, and news that it’s almost impossible to switch off the brain. Luxury hotels and spas are introducing a diverse array of initiatives, spanning from specialised spa treatments and personalised pillow menus to comprehensive programs overseen by medical experts, naturopaths, nutritionists, and psychologists. Below are a variety of sleep programs available at hotels and resorts, all designed to enhance the quality of sleep.

Zedwell Hotel, London

“The hotel you check in to tune out”, according to their website, is a place for those who need to switch off completely. The minimalist rooms' natural oak and cosy lighting  are free of “distractions” like telephones, televisions, telephones and even windows.

Park Hyatt, New York

If you’re one of those people who struggle to fall asleep, the Park Hyatt has upgraded its three "Sleep Suites" with the latest iteration of Bryte's "Balance" smart beds. 

To guide guests into a sleepy mode, the mattress plays subtle sounds and motions to put the guest in a relaxed and peaceful manner. When it's time to wake up, the bed gradually shifts over a 15-minute period to rouse users gently and quietly. Within the mattress itself, an AI matrix of cushions adjusts to body movements in real-time, alleviating pressure.

Additionally, the suites are equipped with a diffuser and a calming essential oil blend, complemented by a selection of sleep-related books.

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

Guests have the option to reserve a sleep wellness program at Six Senses Laamu, spanning from three to ten days in duration. Each program includes sleep tracking, comprehensive wellness evaluations, spa therapies, guided meditation or breathwork sessions, as well as tailored nutritional guidance. You can also find sleep packages at specific Six Senses resorts located in Switzerland, Fiji, India, Turkey, Thailand, and various other destinations.

The Cadogan, London

In collaboration with sleep specialist and hypnotherapist Malminder Gill, The Cadogan offers a "Sleep Concierge" service that includes a meditation session (voiced by Gill), a choice of pillows, a cosy weighted blanket, a soothing bedtime tea blend, and a fragrant pillow mist. For additional support, guests have the option to reserve a one-on-one in-room sleep assistance session with Gill.