‘Sawasdee Puglia’ Brought Apulia Food and Wine Traditions to Bangkok

Koktail & Regione Puglia and Pugliapromozione

The second promotional event for the Italian region took place on December 19-21 and was filled with tourism, agrifood excellence, and Christmas traditions

Made for foodies, wine connoisseurs, and travel and culture enthusiasts, the Sawasdee Puglia 2022 event took place in Bangkok last month, at various locations, to promote the Italian region as a tourist destination to Thais, through its winning food and wine heritage. The event was held across three days, December 19-21, and was organized by Liquid Consulting in collaboration with the Puglia Region, Pugliapromozione, Thai Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC), Chulalongkorn University, and the Italian Embassy in Bangkok and Italian Trade Agency (ITA). 

Puglia is renowned for many food products, such as olive oil. With more than 60 million olive trees, the region provides about 40% of the country’s olive oil, making it the nation's largest producer. Another traditional product Puglia is known for is burrata—the soft white cheese consisting of bulbs of pasta filata (stretched curd) stuffed with mozzarella soaked in cream.

The first day of Sawasdee Puglia featured conversations on the theme of "A Thai Perspective on Italian Food Culture: from Personal Memories to the Contemporary Challenge of Sustainability", with perspectives from Thai journalists Bee Wongsuwanlert and Suebwong Kaewthipharat and professors Pajaree Tachart and Falan Srisuriyachai. Puglia style Christmas pastries by chef Enrico Nativi and coffee were served afterwards, courtesy of Segafredo and the Salvatore Petriella pastry shop.

On the second day of festivities, courtesy of F&B partners like Texica, Cantine Lizzano, Li Veli, Podere29, Cantine Polvanera, and Tenuta Viglione, guests were able to enjoy up to six regional wines with traditional dishes crafted by chef Christian Martena at Clara Restaurant. Finally, on day three, a concert-aperitif shindig was held at Mojjo Lounge rooftop bar where finger food, wines, and Mediterranean rhythms were served. 

Although Puglia is well-known and appreciated in other countries, it is only now beginning to make a name for itself in Thailand, with the Thai market showing strong signs for expansion and a steadily growing demand for Italian products over the last two decades. According to the Italian Ambassador to Bangkok, Paolo Dionisi, "Thailand does indeed offer a great deal of untapped potential, both in terms of trade and as a tourism market for destination Italy.” Angelo Villani, CEO of Liquid Consulting added, “Sawasdee Puglia is the proof of a path of growth and human, cultural and economic exchange that continues and grows stronger, involving more and more Italian companies and—above all—Thai partners.” 

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