Rahua’s Commitment to Leaving Zero Imprint on Our Ecosystem

Lauren Coetzee

14 Jan 2022

Celebrities like Naomi Watts love this beauty brand that cares about the environment and indigenous communities

The up-and-coming beauty brand aims to actively preserve the rainforest, by working with indigenous Amazonian communities to protect one acre of land for every bottle of product sold. 

Fabian Lliguin, a renowned hair stylist and environmentalist, founded the sustainable beauty line by combining his two passions into an eco-friendly brand. Fabian was amazed by the beautiful, strong, lustrous hair of the women he saw while visiting the Amazon rainforests. He was introduced to rahua oil, a natural ingredient used by the Quechua-Shuar tribe to nourish skin and hair. This led to the development of Rahua, a rainforest-grown cosmetic brand derived from the Amazon's rahua plant. 

Fabian's wife, Anna Ayers, brought her environmental awareness and a keen eye for design to Fabian's new project. They began crafting their product line together in 2008, working closely with the Amazonian people and employing over 500 families from Quechua-Shuar and neighbouring tribes to help cultivate ingredients. 

Rahua's Amazon-grown beauty products are manufactured using symbiotic components that are grown in undisturbed forests and obtained ethically.

The couple established Rahua to create awareness of the plight of the Amazon rainforests, and the importance of conservation. Through their environmental work, they have formed productive relationships with the Indigenous communities, and provide the local groups with the legal tools and education needed to preserve and protect the trees that they have inherited, to sustain the oxygen we breathe throughout the earth. 

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