Quiet Luxury Defined: Brands that Embody Understated Elegance

A realm where luxury speaks volumes in the most captivating whispers—also known as “Quiet Luxury”, a style that focuses on elegance and high quality without being flashy or showy

What is Quiet Luxury?

Instead of using big logos or obvious signs of wealth, quiet luxury—sometimes also called stealth wealth—is about appreciating the craftsmanship, exclusivity, and timeless design of luxury goods and experiences. It's all about enjoying the finer things in life in a more understated and sophisticated way. It's a shift towards valuing things that are unique, meaningful, and sustainable, while also prioritising privacy and personal enjoyment over public display. In essence, quiet luxury can be defined as the embodiment of modern minimalism, emphasising investment-worthy items and mindful shopping practices. 

Although it shares an aesthetic resemblance to the minimalist movement, the difference is quiet luxury sets itself apart by focusing on assembling a collection of versatile garments that matches with your existing wardrobe. While it still embraces a neutral colour palette and drops flashy logos, quiet luxury places importance on the selection of high-quality and wearable pieces that stand the test of time. In fact, quiet luxury is nothing novel, long before it gained its trendy label, quiet luxury had already established its timeless aesthetic. It encompassed a range of esteemed heritage designers and emerging brands, all united by a shared commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and elegance. For these designers, quiet luxury is more than just a style—it's a philosophy and a state of mind.

Quiet Luxury and Mental Well-Being

In today's society, the concept of "quiet luxury" has been gaining traction, unlike pretentious displays of wealth, quiet luxury emphasises a more subtle approach that prioritises personal well-being over material excess. Excessive materialism often leads to stress, anxiety, and a never-ending desire for more. By contrast, embracing a simpler, more meaningful lifestyle centred around quiet luxury can bring about a range of benefits for our mental well-being.

Instead of seeking happiness solely through possessions, quiet luxury encourages us to focus on experiences that nurture personal growth and well-being. By investing in high-quality, timeless products, we can derive lasting satisfaction from the craftsmanship and enduring value they offer, prioritising experiences over possessions. This shift in mindset helps us break free from the constant pursuit of fleeting trends and consumerism-driven desires.

Scroll down to discover influential quiet luxury brands that embodied this aesthetic long before it became a fashion phenomenon. These brands have set the standard for enduring style, and their creations are destined to grace our wardrobes for years to come.

Max Mara

This esteemed Italian brand presents a wide range of offerings, spanning from beachwear to jackets to jewellery, all showcasing a remarkable adherence to simple and timeless colours. The renowned Icon Coats, in particular, are easily recognizable even without the need for a logo, as their sleek design and high-quality materials alone make a powerful statement.

To shop, visit maxmara.com.

The Row

Established by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2011, The Row may be a newcomer in the world of designer fashion, but its sleek and sophisticated looks have already left a mark on the landscape of quiet luxury. The brand takes basic garments, such as solid-coloured knitwear and wool trousers, to extraordinary heights. Additionally, The Row's runway collections often showcase boldly draped sheath dresses and exquisite coats that hold an irresistible attraction for fashion enthusiasts.

To shop, visit therow.com.

Fear of God

Fear of God brings a refreshing perspective to the world of versatile neutrals and logo-free silhouettes associated with quiet luxury. Inspired by the indoor/outdoor California lifestyle, creative director Jerry Lorenzo has shared that it greatly influences their design philosophy. The brand offers a range of relaxed, oversized knitwear and effortless slide-on shoes. On the contrary, they also have flawless outfits for evening night outs. A great example would be Zendaya who ruled the red carpet with a grey and velvety Fear of God suit.

To shop, visit fearofgod.com.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta deserves a place among the designers known for "quiet luxury" even before the term became popular, particularly when it comes to their accessories. The brand has been creating elegant handbags with their iconic intrecciato leather since the 1960s. Even their highly sought-after drop earrings, beloved by celebrities and often sold out, possess a timeless charm with their sculptural and minimalist design.

To shop, visit bottegaveneta.com.

Margaret Howell

According to Margaret Howell, she draws inspiration from the genuine qualities she discovers in nature, people, and places. She believes that this same authenticity is what she seeks in the materials she selects for her designs. Moreover, its minimalist style serves as a youthful symbol of contemporary form and function. The brand is certainly loved by quiet luxury enthusiasts because of an unwavering attention to even the smallest details.

To shop, visit margarethowell.co.uk.