Q&A with the Cover Artist: Nakrob Moonmanas

Koktail Magazine

15 Jul 2022

Visual artist, illustrator, and writer Nakrob Moonmanas shares his inspiration for the cover art of Koktail Issue 3

[This story first appeared in Koktail Magazine Issue 3.]

How does the cover represent creativity?

I believe that creativity is an important ingredient in living a great life in this city, which is what Koktail is about. The people of Bangkok need creativity for a great life, and all of us living here are invariably linked. To pay homage to that, you’ll recognise some of Bangkok’s most iconic landmarks in the background.

The centrepiece, of course, is the Ferrari 296 GTB. Walk us through how you interpreted this supercar for the cover.

This supercar, to me, is like a powerful horse. Throughout history, they were the steeds of leaders. When the automobile was first invented, it was known as a “mechanical horse”. It represents the powerful dynamics of technology and the boundless creativity and imagination of humankind.

Can you give us a bit of background on your style? What are your influences? What do you love to illustrate?

My style is a bit difficult to define. The signature technique I use is collage, where I put together images in a totally new context. Some images come from history, Thai culture, and aspects of the Western world. Some people might describe my work as “East meets West”, but I think of it as a dusting off of stories and images that represent the world’s heritage and re-installing them in a contemporary context.

What new techniques are you exploring for your art?

I am planning to use innovations to drive and engage various artistic disciplines. I want to explore new borders while maintaining the collage technique as the core of my work. This is an attempt to link the past with the future. I am experimenting with artificial intelligence—learning, synthesising, and assembling it into a new form of “heritage literature”. Exploring innovation is something new and challenging for me. The borders of the digital and the cultural worlds have expanded so much that the potential for creativity has also become that much more exciting, fun, and challenging.