Polvanera Wines, an Organic Delight Coming to Thailand

A new selection of reds, whites, and sparkling is set to launch in Thailand this summer

Founded by Filippo Cassano in 2002, Polvanera is known for its long family tradition of winemaking. Contrary to other brands, Polvanera utilizes pure vinification, a process that enhances the characteristics of the vines and terroir. 

Polvanera's production takes up an area of about 100 hectares, where they grow different varieties of grapes, including Primitivo, Aleatico, and Moscato, just to name a few. The 60-year-old vineyard makes use of bush vines and spur-pruned cordon training and practices organic farming principles, abstaining from synthetic chemical products such as pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers.

Pure Vinification 

The harvest of grapes takes place during the first ten days of September, and the company's latest equipment for pressing and fermentation allows them to offer a selection of biodynamic wines. Excavated into eight meters of limestone rock, Polvanera’s cellar stores the wines at a constant temperature.

Grapes produced by the old bush vines are vinified with modern and simple oenological practices. Maturation and fermentation take place in stainless steel tanks and in the bottle—Polvanera wines aren't kept in oak barrels to preserve the original tastes and characteristics of Primitivo and also to avoid oxidative evolutions. This combination between tradition and innovation gives life to a wine that's strongly connected to its territory, which, in turn, has a high drinkability with elegant, fresh, and mineral notes.

Polvanera is set to launch in Thailand in the summer of 2022, offering multiple-awarded wines, masterclasses, tasting sessions in both Bangkok and Phuket, and exclusive lectures with Thai wine specialists. 

For more information visit cantinepolvanera.it/en.