Podcasts Art Aficionados Will Love: Unearthing Extraordinary Narratives

It’s time for curious art minds out there to feed their wonders. Explore art history and the peculiarity of the art world through these podcasts.

If your heart beats for art, and you find yourself constantly exploring art galleries and museums, here are four podcasts to fuel your obsession during the spaces in between.



The Modern Art Notes Podcast

Join the mesmerising world of art as award-winning critic and historian Tyler Green takes you on a weekly hour-long adventure. Engage in riveting conversations with artists, curators, authors, and conservators.



The Art History Babes

Imagine indulging in a lively artistic discourse with your closest friends while sipping wine. The Art History Babes podcast offers just that! Hosted by four talented ladies who co-authored The Honest Art Dictionary, they explore the wonders of visual culture in a refreshingly conversational manner. In one of their episodes, they pay homage to the Victorian tradition of post-mortem photographs—a captivatingly eerie aspect of history, eloquently described as "infamously creepy" by Corrie, Jennifer, Natalie, and Ginny.



The Lonely Palette

The Lonely Palette podcast discusses one painting at a time for each episode. Hosted by Tamar Avishai, each episode unveils the mysteries behind a specific artwork. Tamar skillfully weaves together its history, creation process, and the social context that shaped it. What makes this podcast truly unique is Tamar's interviews with museum visitors, providing diverse perspectives and enriching the overall experience.



ArtCurious Podcast

Listeners will explore peculiar narratives that reside within art history. This podcast is all about the unexpected, slightly odd and bizarre tales in art history. A few topics covered by the podcast: Was Van Gogh accidentally murdered? Is the Mona Lisa fake? Rivals of Picasso VS Matisse. Quite the curiosity, right? With13 captivating seasons and counting, curious art enthusiasts are invited to satisfy their boundless imaginations.