“Physical: 100” Has Been Renewed for Season Two

The South Korean game show has been likened to Squid Game, but in a more nuanced and humane manner

Imagine an unlikely gathering—a dancer, bodybuilder, national team ice climber, model—all converging in an arena. Welcome to Physical:100, a popular South Korean reality show that has taken Netflix by storm. In this exhilarating series, 100 of the fittest people in Korea come together to test their limits in a thrilling display of strength and endurance. The diverse cast includes people with different professions including a marathon runner, baseball player, skater, firefighter, and much more, all united by their self-confidence and lean physiques. Unlike the deadly drama Squid Game, Physical: 100 spares lives, but don't be fooled—the participants approach these games with utmost seriousness and dedication.

Since its release on Netflix back in January, the show quickly gained a devoted following in South Korea and has landed in the Top 10 on Netflix Thailand. The show does share some similarities with Squid Game, such as players taking off on an extreme competition to survive, where only one participant, the winner, will claim a huge cash prize. While it is abundantly clear that no lives are at stake—there's one striking similarity that just can't be missed: the way these players compete as if each game is the ultimate life-or-death situation makes the show strangely addictive.

Physical: 100 Is Coming Back for Season 2

We’ve got great news for fans because Netflix has announced the renewal of Physical:100 season two, with creator Jang Ho-gi saying in a statement that the second season "will surpass its predecessor in every aspect."

"We are incredibly thankful for the overwhelming love Physical: 100 received from fans around the world, and we carefully listened to their comments and feedback," stated Jang, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. "While keeping the essence of the show intact—seeking the ultimate physique—we have introduced exciting new elements. This is our way of showing gratitude to the show's dedicated fans."

As for these fresh elements, Netflix has ambitious plans to significantly enlarge the show's magnificent set. The already expansive set used in the first season, featuring everything from sand wrestling pits to colossal 2-ton shipwrecks and spanning the size of two soccer fields, will now be further expanded to create an even more colossal universe that will push the participants to their limits, as revealed by the streaming platform. While there is no fixed date of when the show will land, our guesses are that Physical: 100 season two could arrive in early 2024.