Culturespaces Adds a New Location in Europe: Phoenix des Lumières

Who doesn’t love a captivating Lumières experience?

If you’ve experienced a Lumières exhibition, designed by French company Culturespaces, you’ll know they’re well worth it. We’ve got great news for Lumières admirers: a brand new installation just launched in Germany.

Opened on January 28, Phoenix des Lumières is set in the east German city of Dortmund, housed in an old factory called Phoenix West. It will showcase
cutting-edge technology and create immersive exhibitions devoted to some of the most famous artists in the history of art.

To mark its opening, Phoenix des Lumières presents a hypnotic exhibition devoted to the main figures in the Viennese art scene, of which Gustav Klimt was a key figure. Called Gold in Motion, his art comes to life in a visual journey through 100 years of Viennese paintings, diving into the works of Klimt and his successors through a presentation of his portraits, landscapes, and nudes.

Called In the Wake of the Vienna Secession, the exhibition is also dedicated to Austrian painter, architect and visual artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Heavily influenced by the revolution instigated by Klimt, he embodied an artistic revival. His work is ingrained in a respect for nature and man, embodying the source of life and the elements.

Created by Turkish collective Nohlab, the final exhibit Journey is an experimental voyage whose theme is the genesis of photons, one of the primary elements of light. The expedition describes the process by which photons are transformed into a form of energy that is perceptible by the brain.

Dortmund joins other immersive destinations in the Lumières universe:

Paris (Atelier des Lumières)
Bordeaux (Bassins des Lumières)
Provence (Carrières des Lumières)
Amsterdam (Fabrique des Lumières)
New York (Hall des Lumières)
Seoul (Théâtre des Lumières)

And in 2024, a new installation called Port des Lumières is set to open in Hamburg.

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