Netflix Cracks the Whip on Password Sharing in Thailand

Netflix is officially taking a stand and beginning its crackdown on those sneaky password sharers in Thailand

As expected, the streaming giant Netflix hinted to users earlier this year that they would limit password sharing and it was only a matter of time before it landed in Thailand. Binge-watching friends, Netflix announced that subscribers in Thailand who do share passwords will need to pay an extra fee, if not, they would have to give up sharing their password.

Set or update your Netflix Household

A Netflix Household is like a cosy hub for all your Netflix devices. It's where the magic happens, folks. To comply with the new rules, you'll need to set up or update your Netflix Household, ensuring that all your devices are connected to the same internet connection in the same place you watch Netflix. Don't worry—Koktail gives you a handy step-by-step guide on how to do it. Just click here!

Sharing passwords? Hold it right there!

Listen up, fellow Netflix enthusiasts, you would have already received an email by nowor sometime soonregarding password sharing.In a nutshell, Netflix wants you to know that your account is meant for you and the people you actually live with—your household, to be precise. They're giving you options on how to navigate this new policy while maintaining harmony within your binge-watching circle.

Here's the deal…

If you're feeling a bit rebellious and want to continue sharing your account with someone outside your cosy little household, Netflix won't judge. However, it comes at a price—a monthly fee to be exact. You'll have to add an extra member to your account, with an additional 99 baht tacked onto your bill each month. Just keep in mind that the number of extra members you can add depends on your subscription plan. Premium folks can add two extra members, while standard subscribers are limited to just one. But if you'd rather cut ties with your sharer, you can transfer a profile to a new membership that you pay for.

Why the change, Netflix?

Netflix used to turn a blind eye to password sharing, embracing its rapid growth and popularity. But here's the thing: over 100 million households worldwide are slyly sharing an account. That's a lot of freeloaders and it's been putting a dent in Netflix's bottom line. So, they had to put their foot down and take action. It's a tough call, but business is business, after all.

Hungry for more info?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed or need further clarification? Don't fret! Netflix has your back. Swing by their Help Center for all the juicy details.

Netflix aficionados, it's time to embrace this new era of password sharing limitations. Let's keep the streaming party alive, even if it comes with a few more coins leaving the piggy bank. Happy bingeing!