Netflix Pop-Up 'Hunger' Restaurant is Worth a Visit

Love or loathe it, the film communicates serious social issues through the food scene in Thailand

Thai psychological thriller Hunger has landed in the number one spot for Netflix and pretty much everyone is talking about it. No matter how you may feel after watching the film, Netflix has set up a pop-up Hunger Restaurant at Groove, CentralWorld, serving two dishes from the film.

With a backdrop of social inequality, Hunger follows a young woman named Aoy, who runs her family’s stir-fried noodles restaurant in the old quarter of Bangkok. Sweating day after day in the kitchen, firing up noodles in a wok, her restaurant serves Bangkok’s working class population. One day, she receives an invitation to leave the family business and join team Hunger, Thailand's number one luxury chef's table team led by a famous chef, Paul. From there on, the film brings light to social and political concerns, hierarchy, the difference between street food and fine dining, cooking for the poor and for the wealthy, with food being a symbol of desire and drive. Whether viewers love or loathe the film, it certainly provides thought-provoking social commentary.

The restaurant is clearly divided into two concepts with contrasting colours of black and white. The black side of the diner is Chef Paul’s fine dining restaurant, while the white side is Aoy’s street food kitchen. Dishes are straight out of the movie, whether it's Aoy’s comforting and delicious “Pad Ngor Ngae Noodles” or Chef Paul’s fancy food creation with edible flowers. 

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

We suggest you see the movie before dining at the restaurant in order to enjoy an interactive experience. 

The restaurant is located at CentralWorld’s Groove on the Ground Floor and is open from 11am–9pm until April 23.