The Coolness Of Michael Caine, Through The Lens Of Terry O'Neill

Not that we ever forgot how cool Michael Caine is, but ACC Art Books’ new book featuring over 100 photos of the actor by Terry O'Neill is simply mesmerizing and worth adding to your coffee table

When you think of Michael Caine, what movie or role comes to mind? For the younger generation, it might be the role of Batman's loyal butler Alfred in Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy or Sandra Bullock's pageant coach in 2000's Miss Congeniality. For others, it might be 1969's The Italian Job or a great number of other British spy or crime films Caine starred in around the same time. It's very likely that each of us would have a different reference for Michael Caine due to his extensive and ongoing career as an actor. But what I think we can all agree on about Michael Caine is that he personifies a certain British coolness that we'll never get bored of witnessing on the silver screen. 

Capturing the legendary actor's unique character and decades-long career is ACC Art Books' new publication, Michael Caine Photographed by Terry O'Neill. Written and edited by James Clarke, this photographic hardcover covers the rise of Caine from a working-class actor in the '50s to a British cultural icon. This is perhaps the most impressive collection of portraits of the actor as the book sources all photography from Caine's long-time collaborator and friend, Terry O'Neill. O'Neill, who unfortunately lost his battle with cancer in November 2019, photographed many A-list celebrities during his equally long career, including Laurence Olivier, Judy Garland, the Beatles, Elton John, Audrey Hepburn, Faye Dunaway, and Amy Winehouse. In this book, Caine's innate charisma are revealed through over a hundred of Terry's color and black-and-white images, as well as never-before-seen contact sheets guaranteed to excite any diehard Caine fans out there. 

"Michael really embodies the characters he plays. He’s also one of the only actors who can take on a serious role one minute, a thriller the next and then follow up with a comedy. He’s just incredibly gifted."

Terry O'Neill

Michael Caine Photographed by Terry O'Neill also takes a special look at some of Caine's most iconic films from the '60s to the '90s, including Funeral In Berlin, Get Carter, Mona List, Without A Clue, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Midnight in St. Petersburg, and many, many more. 

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