MGC-Asia: Revolutionising the Lifestyle Mobility and Business Ecosystem

Koktail Magazine

13 Apr 2023

Driven by Innovation, Excellence, and Inclusivity for Sustainable Profitability and Customer Satisfaction

MGC-Asia, under the leadership of Dr. Sunhavut Thamchuanviriya, has been operational for over two decades with established stability through the development of the MCG-Asia Ecosystem. The Group aims to pursue entrance into the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to raise capital and strengthen its position as a business leader committed to satisfying the Lifestyle Mobility and Business Ecosystem in all aspects through innovative solutions to cater to the varying demands of all customers.

 MGC-Asia currently offers a comprehensive range of goods and services, including retail of premium cars, big bikes, yachts, ferries, and used cars, as well as warrantees, customer service for private jet rental business, ticketing services for leading airlines, after-sales service and maintenance, and short- and long-term car rental with provided drivers. The company also operates in other long-term revenue-generating businesses such as financial services for Automotive and Marine, insurance brokerage, and IT and data operation centres. MGC-Asia has been in constant alliance with world-class automotive producers and service providers, which creates further business opportunities to offer unique and comprehensive experiences for its clients, setting itself apart from competitors. The Group's executives and employees strive for operational excellence by creating a full experience in every aspect of commuting. 

Additionally, MGC-Asia aims to elevate its operations by establishing an inclusive, community-aware corporate culture that contributes to the growth of sustainable profitability.

MGC-Asia currently operates in a Holding Company format, dividing its business into three groups: Mobility Retail Business, After-sales Service and Free-standing Car Maintenance Services Business, and Car Rental and Driver Business. The Mobility Retail Business imports and/or retails premium cars, big bikes, yachts, and ferries, including world-class automobile brands such as Rolls-Royce, BMW, MINI, and Honda cars; BMW Motorrad, Harley-Davidson big bikes; the Italian yacht, Azimut; an American ferry Chris-Craft Boats from the USA. The Group is also regarded as Thailand's number-one retailer of BMW, MINI, and BMW Motorrad. The After-sales Service and Free-standing Car Maintenance Services Business Group relentlessly generates income and profits for the Group and is an essential factor driving the consumers' decisions. The Group is regarded as a leader in the after-sales service as well as distribution of automotive parts, decorative accessories, and lifestyle products with personnel trained in electric vehicle technology.

The Car Rental and Driver Business provides a long-term car rental service to medium and large companies, offering complete services throughout the lease term. The global brand 'Sixt-Rent a-Car' offers short-term car rental services with over 4,500 service centres in more than 105 countries worldwide. With its network of alliances with partners consisting of world-leading companies, the company has been entrusted by government agencies for car management in facilitating national leaders at significant conferences.

Moreover, the Group has expanded its related services to create a complete business ecosystem through products and relevant services for customers and corporates. The Group provides comprehensive financial services, insurance broking, Information Technology (IT), and Digital Platform Services, all the way to automobile cleaning and coating services operated through subsidiaries or associate companies.

The Group's goal is to expand its business capability to become more inclusive through the diversity of its goods and relevant services to satisfy the rapidly changing demands and lifestyles of its clients. They also plan to excel further and expand the Marine business within the region to cater to the wants and lifestyles of the new target group through every business platform, including expansion into financial, hire purchasing, leasing, and refinancing for all types of luxury cars through Alpha X company limited, a joint-venture with the SCBX public company limited, as well as insurance brokerage services through Howden Maxi Insurance Broker company limited.