Made in Thailand Ep. 2: Why this factory still makes shoes by hand

Koktail Magazine

28 Nov 2022

The Bak Seng factory has been a part of Boonyanuch "Kae" Vitayasamrit's family for three generations, producing high-quality leather shoes in the west of Bangkok for the last 70 years. While her father and grandfather focused on expanding the business to keep up with rising consumer demand, Kae's approach has been radically different. Since she and her siblings began taking over in 2013, their vision has revolved around slow fashion, preserving the old ways of making, and shifting the needle on customer values. So, what goes into making a pair of "Youngfolks" leather shoes, and why is this factory still choosing to make them almost entirely by hand?


Koktail Magazine's "Made in Thailand" series goes behind-the-scenes at workshops and factories in Bangkok and beyond to uncover what goes into creating iconic quality products that keep traditional craftsmanship alive.

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