Koktail Conversations: Episode 12 Anand Panyarachun

Koktail Magazine

14 Mar 2023

Nigel Oakins meets Anand Panyarachun, former two-time prime minister of Thailand during the early 90’s, and asks questions on a host of contemporary issues.

Episode 12 of our Koktail Conversations series is with Anand Panyarachun, twice prime minister of Thailand in the early 1990’s. In this two part episode, Nigel Oakins founder of Koktail magazine, sits down with Khun Anand in his Bangkok office to ask questions on a wide-ranging list of topics. In part one Khun Anand gives his views on Thailand’s hierarchical society, the need for youth to express themselves, article 112, rule of (rather than by) law, progressive mindsets, open society, democratic governance and the role of elections and much, much more.

Watch on YouTube:

There are also three biographies on Anand Panyarachun, two of which he discusses in depth, in part two of this episode:

Anand Panyarachun: The life, thoughts and work of two-time former Prime Minister by Prasarn Marukapitak

Anand Panyarachun and the Making of Modern Thailand by Dominic Faulder

Nak Su (Courageous) Anand by Vitthya Vejjajiva

To purchase any of these books, kindly contact Ms. Ratchada Athakhan at 0813251541.