Bangkok's International Festival of Dance & Music is Back for 2022

Katherine Jenkins, Belarus Bolshoi Theatre, Ten Tenors, and more make their way to the Thailand Cultural Centre in September and October

Fans of fine arts and culture have something to look forward to once again this September and October as Bangkok's International Festival of Dance & Music returns to the Thailand Cultural Centre. This year, 11 must-see shows are on the docket, ranging from traditional dance and musical performances to more contemporary acts. 

There's also something new with the Festival this year that's worth noting. Commemorating 24 years of bringing in incredible artists and shows from all over the world, the Festival is launching its Student Outreach Program, offering creatively minded youths the opportunity to connect with this year's international performers and partake in some masterclasses. The invaluable experience will no doubt help uplift a future of creative, artistic individuals but also facilitate the exchange of culture, ideas, and art—what the International Featival of Dance & Music has been all about from its inception. 

Without further ado, here's a Koktail preview of the Festival's programs this year, followed by a link to where you can purchase your tickets. See you at the Thailand Cultural Centre this fall.



Katherine Jenkins

Wednesday, September 7

Mezzo-soprano superstar Katherine Jenkins returns once again, opening the Festival with the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra conducted by Grammy-nominated Anthony Inglis. The opera singer was officially anointed the world's most successful classical singer in 2020 and the best selling classical artist of the century by Classic FM. Katherine's recent major gig was performing for the Queen of England at her Platty Joobs. 



Swan Lake by Stanislavsky Theatre

Saturday, September 10 and Sunday, September 11

Classical ballet lovers can't miss the Stanislavsky Theatre's performance of Swan Lake. The Moscow-based dance and musical theatre is known for its performers' ability to communicate the nuances of the characters' personalities—a testament to decades of pushing the boundaries of stage perfection. 



Maksim Mrvica

Wednesday, September 14

Croatian-born pianist Maksim Mrvica is one of the most successful classical-crossover artists in the world, with an MTV Award, double-platinum album, and many other accolades sitting on this mantle. Breaking down the walls separating music genres, Mrvica bridges the generational gap as well, performing anything from classical music and movie soundtracks to pop and electronic, and making sure his audience enjoys the music every step of the way.



Everything is Tango by Tango Viva

Saturday, September 17

Get a saucy taste of Argentinian dance culture with the world-famous Tango Viva, a thrilling dance troupe from Buenos Aires. Dancing to some classic tango tracks, they might throw in the occasional surprise—maybe a play on some of the other classical act in the Festival or even a little bit of Queen, proving that everything is tango if you're Tango Viva. 



Attention by Todes

Saturday, September 24

If you can only watch one show this year and can't decide which, Attention by Todes has got it all in one: ballet, classical opera, breakdance, and other contemporary forms. This dynamic concept of technical performance art stems from the brain of chief choreographer Alla Dukhova. Attention, they say, will change what you think you know about choreography and dance arts.  



Ten Tenors

Thursday, September 29

Move over BTS, this ten-piece boy band from Australia is ready to swoon audiences in Thailand with their impeccable vocal abilities and rock-meets-classical stylings. Having been compared to Queen, the pitch-perfect Ten Tenors have toured far and wide, produced 15 albums (many of which went double platinum), and are known for being an all-round class act, using their talents to raise more than $11 million for charities. 



Celtic Legends

Saturday, October 1

Fuel your Celtic fever with an electrifying night with Celtic Legends. Born in 2002 in the wild hills of Connemara, Ireland, Celtic Legends is the global ambassador of Irish dance. Their dancers hold several world titles in the art and have toured with shows like Riverdance and Lord of the Dance



Swan Lake by Ballet Preljocaj

Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9

This year's Festival has not just one but two ballet adaptations of Swan Lake. Whereas Stanislavsky Theatre's earlier was the classical ballet Swan Lake we all know and love, France's Ballet Preljocaj's version strips the production back and reconstructs it for the modern era, touching upon themes of environment, corporate greed, and issues of inheritance and family legacy. Ballet fans won't want to miss this fresh, new take on the stage's old favorite. 



Nutcracker by Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus

Sunday, October 16

Celebrate Christmas early with a performance of the Nutcracker by the prestigious National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus. The 80-piece ballet company is bringing to life the multi-faceted story of young Clara and her Nutcracker prince. 



Scheherazade / Carmen Suite by Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus

Monday, October 17

Scheherazade is directed by world-renowned dancer Andris Liepa, while Carmen Suite is considered one of the most perfect compositions in musical history. Combined, these one-act ballets make for a powerful evening of dance and music. 



Sleeping Beauty by Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus

Tuesday, October 18

Closing the Festival, the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus takes us on one last fantasy, this one to the world of a witch, a curse, and a sleeping beauty. Another ballet classic which has withstood the test of time, Sleeping Beauty presents everything we want to see on stage: a fully-fledged fairytale with both darkness and triumph, and the artistic athleticism of ballet. 


The International Festival of Dance & Music is always a memorable experience, whether it's your first year or 24th. Get your tickets now at