A Window Into The Future Of Interior Design Trends 2022

From goth-inspired kitchens to luxury garage interiors

Pinterest is a source of inspiration, where we can find insights into ourselves—and the emerging trends of interior design, beauty, cooking, or art. This visual platform has been successfully predicting the future among countless categories. In fact, 8 out of 10 predictions for 2021 came true. But with our love for home decor, we wanted to focus on all interior-related trends. Here are the hottest interior trends, based on searches, that are set to make waves this year.




Every pet parent gets to this point eventually. Living rooms and bedrooms are being designed to best accommodate a pet’s needs. According to Pinterest, pampering isn’t enough anymore—people are going to cat-ify their homes, or design luxury dog rooms. 



Biophilic design

Biophilia is a concept in which humans seek connection with nature. With more time spent indoors, incorporating nature into our homes is certainly on the up and up. This has inspired a resurgence in the use of natural surfaces, and bringing characteristics of nature into built spaces—from natural light and greenery, to elements like wood, stone, terracotta, and marble. This design approach can even help improve health and wellbeing.



All chequered everything

Chequered designs are having a moment, as people are embracing the tiled pattern. From flooring to rugs, we’ll be seeing a lot more of this classic design across other areas including fashion, food, and home design. 




All about moody and dark interiors, goth kitchen decor will have its moment in 2022. From dark table setting elements to pitch black kitchen appliances, get ready to paint it all black. Goth kitchen decor is not the only dark trend on the rise: goth baby clothes, goth pajamas, and goth business casual are finding favour.



Curve Appeal

Eschewing the trend of straight lines everywhere, people will start investing in rounded furniture like curved kitchen islands, curved sofas, or curved bars. Once a popular trend in the ‘70s, we’re bringing it back again in 2022. The driving force behind this home trend are boomers, gen X, and millennials. 



Limitless luxe

Adding a bit of luxe to interiors isn’t new, but to laundry rooms? With searches for luxury laundry room ideas, luxury basement ideas, and luxury garage interior increasing lately, we never saw this one coming. 2022 is the year people will give luxurious makeovers to their home’s least-luxurious spaces.



Hot horology

It might be a sign of the times. Oversized clocks are more in than ever. With searches like clockwork aesthetics, wall decor clocks, and watch collection display on the rise, clocks will be a part of defining the 2022 style.



Emotional escape rooms

People are feeling all the feels—and they need a dedicated room for all that. With searches like rage room, music themed rooms, and crystal room defining the year’s trends, we’ll be seeing more people planning escape spaces in their homes to unwind, vibe, and rage against the day.



Hellenistic revival

Inspired by Ancient Greece, people will start investing in Aphrodite-inspired wallpaper, Greek statue art, and Corinthian home decor. Behind the searches are the Gen Zs who are embracing this ancient trend more than anyone.