10 IG Accounts To Follow If You Love Design & Decor

Fill your feed with inspirational content from our favorite design studios, interior gurus and others with an eye for design

How would you describe your ideal style of decor for your home? Are you a maximalist who loves lots of colors and shapes, or are you a strict disciple of Scandinavian minimalism? (Or, are you something else altogether?) If you weren't already passionate about decorating your living spaces, spending more time at home over the last two years surely has increased your interest in homemaking to some extent. We're rounded up our favorite Instagram accounts for interior and architectural design inspirations, covering a gamut of styles, that'll get your home makeover ideas rolling. 




Who's your favorite Queer Eye design guru?! It's Bobby Berk, of course! While Karamo, Antoni, JVN, and Tan are out doing their thing to boost people's confidence, Bobby is busy turning neglected living quarters into relaxing oases in a matter of days. Outside of Queer Eye, he does more home magic under his own brand and loves to share his tips and tricks on all digital platforms imaginable. What we love about Bobby's creations are his use of color and the accessibility of his designs. While beautiful and breathtaking, they seem highly practical and implementable. So follow away and get inspired. (Bonus are pics of his incredibly cute relationship and dog.)




We'll let you in on a little secret: some of the best design accounts are from Thailand. Take Chanintr, for example. The brand, which emphasizes sustainable luxury, indeed has not just one but several IG accounts, all dedicated to sharing their passion for design, architecture, and aesthetics. If you had to follow only one though, @chanintrcraft, in our opinion, offers the most consistent and satisfying design porn. But by all means, if you want to follow them all, go ahead: @chanintr, @chanintrwork, @chanintroutlet, @cafecraftbychanintr.




Avroko is the elite when it comes to design studios, and we mean that in a purely appreciative and aspirational way. Responsible for design and architectural marvels across the US, UK, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and more, this force of four is unstoppable in their ability to create the next design-award-winning modern-retro gem. @avroko is a great account to follow if you're thinking about opening a stylish F&B outlet or if you're just really enthusiastic about iconic, almost theatrical design for any space. 




Are you really a design aficionado if you don't know this name? An American icon in the global design space, Jonathan Alder's pieces can be found in some of the world's most stylish homes, including a number here in Thailand. If you're into sleek yet playful design and love a good mix-and-match, this is an account to follow. (Jonathan Alder also features a really cute dog on his feed from time to time.)




Not a celebrity interior designer's or architect's account, but @accidentallywesanderson does aggregate some of the world's most charming design feats and is probably as extensive of a source as it gets. Inspired by the distinct cinematography of Wes Anderson, fans around the world share images of buildings or interiors that feel like something Wes would frame in his movies. The result is a feed of wonderful colors, symmetry, lines, patterns and typography that can only be described accurately as "Wes Anderson". If you're a fan of Wes and haven't already followed this account, what the f*ck are you waiting for??




You may have seen ads for this celebrity interior designer's Masterclass. With 1.7 million following her Instagram, Kelly Wearstler is one of the hottest interior gurus at the moment. Not only does she put together great rooms and spaces, she's a style icon in her own right. Follow her Instagram account for a double whammy of home and wardrobe inspiration.  (Kelly also has dogs on her feed, we feel the need to inform at this point.)




If you can't get enough color on your feed, add some @dabito to it. His Instagram account is full of bright, eye-catching colors and it's not because of influencer filters. Dabito, or David, has a serious thing for colorful walls, whether by paint, wallpaper or filling them with art. Don't be fooled by the hominess and highly embellished nature of his creations though; everything is impeccably placed and tidiness is important to this homemaker. (Also, cats and dog alert on Dabito's feed!)




A furniture and interior design firm based in Mexico City, @cpmx or Comitē De Proyectos celebrates nature in its designs primarily through an emphasis of natural palettes and materials. If hardwood floors, wooden tables and chairs, and plenty of plants define your aesthetics, you can't go wrong with adding stylish CPMX to your feed. 




What interior design list would be complete without a Scandinavian entry? @scandinavianhomes actually produces and sells art pieces for home decoration, and what a smart way to sell their products by styling them into stunning living room, dining room, and bedroom settings. Get inspired to add art to your walls with this IG account. 




@nordic_design is the social media account of nordicdesign.ca, an online platform dedicated to Scandinavian-inspired design and interiors, run by Catherine Lazure. A great resource for Scandinavian aesthetics and how to practically apply them to your home, both the website and the Instagram page are full of calming minimalism and tones.


Hero Image: Courtesy of Dabito / Old Brand New

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