Soak Up Nature's Best: 6 Natural Wonders for Your Travel Wishlist

When it comes to unwinding in nature's hot tub, these amazing hot springs offer the ultimate escape. From geothermal wonders to hidden gems, take a dip in these soothing waters to rejuvenate your body and uplift your spirit

Hot springs are some of the most amazing natural wonders you can encounter. Not only are these hot springs heart-stirring but they also provide therapeutic and medicinal benefits. From Japan’s Kurokawa Onsen to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, these natural occurrences are a utopia of bliss. Now we are finally starting to plan travel again, let’s bookmark some of the world's most stunning hot springs because who doesn’t love a hot tub out in nature? 



Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey

Pamukkale (“cotton castle” in Turkish), a breathtaking 17-tier hot spring, might be the most dreamy hot spring you can find. Overlooking the southwestern city of Denizli, this cotton castle with its 34-degree Celsius waters of milky white travertine flawlessly reflects the cerulean Aegean sky. Known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you'll definitely want to add this to your bucket list. 



Kurokawa Onsen, Kyushu, Japan

Japan is known for its natural hot springs and onsens. Kurokawa Onsen isn’t technically just one hot spring but multiple pools located in caves, amongst bamboo or next to snowy riverbanks. Located in the southwesternmost of Japan’s main islands, in the town of Kurokawa on Kyushu, you can spend the night in a traditional Japanese ryokan or get a day pass with access to three of the 24 baths of your choice. The natural scenery and Japanese wooden tubs will make you feel you’ve gone back in time and entered a magical dimension. 



Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Everything here is blue due to the natural minerals present. immerse yourself into milky blue waters with steam like clouds and indulge in silica mud masks and mineral salts. These natural ingredients with clarifying and anti-ageing properties will leave your skin looking and feeling better than it did when you arrived, making it an invaluable experience. 



Cascate del Mulino, Italy

Said to have been used by people since ancient Rome, Italy's Cascate del Mulino waterfalls is a popular attraction in southern Tuscany. The falls flow onto travertine rocks, which have formed small pools over the centuries. A dream-like atmosphere where spring water sits at about 37.5 degrees, the hot waters here are also known to help relieve acne. Don’t be afraid to dive in even in the frigid winter season and soak up the picture-perfect natural surroundings. 



Chena Hot Springs, United States

Having been around for 118 years, Chena Hot Springs is a natural hot springs with its own resort. Discovered in 1905 by a pair of gold mining brothers, Chena Hot Springs today includes indoor and outdoor tubs, jacuzzis and an indoor swimming pool. You don't have to stay the night to soak in the 41 degree-Celsius waters, and if you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis. 



Termas Geométricas, Pucon, Chile

Designed by Chilean architect Germán del Sol, this hot spring spa consists of 17 pools, several cooling waterfalls and a maze of iconic red walkways. Situated in Chile’s lush Villarrica National Park, each of the baths are fed directly from the area’s natural hot spring with water temperatures between 35 and 42 degrees year-round. Treat yourself to chicken fajitas at El Quicho, an onsite restaurant after your soothing soak.