Koktail Archive: The Gucci Equilibrium—Celebrating Diversity In All Forms

“I really believe that creativity and diversity are inextricably linked in our industry. And the more you are exposed to different views and experiences, the more you fuel the company’s creativity and culture”—Marco Bizzarri, Gucci President & CEO

Back in 2018, the renowned Italian luxury brand introduced "Gucci Equilibrium," a dedicated Instagram account, alongside its revamped website. These platforms aren't just for showcasing stunning designs; they're powerful tools championing environmental advocacy and human rights, answering the global call for transformative change.

Up to this point, Gucci Equilibrium has shared informative articles on its initiatives to promote diversity in the fashion industry. Apart from their commitment to champion inclusivity in the workplace, Gucci's commitment to sustainability is also evident, as they provide insights into their efforts to become a more environmentally responsible company

Below are
just a few examples of how the luxury brand values diversity, inclusivity, and freedom of expression by implementing practices that encourage individuality and equality across all spectrums. Because Koktail supports such initiatives, we are happy to share the brand’s impactful work.

Celebrating beauty in all its forms

Beauty knows no bounds at Gucci, They're all about embracing diversity, equity, and inclusivity in every shape, size, and colour. According to the brand, diversity means celebrating the unique features that set us apart or bring us together. Inclusivity? That's all about making every individual feel like they truly belong, where they can strut their stuff and shine as their authentic selves.

Global Equity Board

In 2019, Gucci took a significant step forward by establishing its Global Equity Board, led by the company's President and CEO, Marco Bizzarri. The board consists of senior company leaders and external advisors to further increase diversity, equity, and inclusion across the company while continuing to build a strong foundation of gender diversity and female leadership.

Below are the guiding principles that define Gucci’s journey:

- They're all about fostering inclusivity through training, resource groups, and good old-fashioned open dialogue. Communication, understanding, and empathy? Major keys, people!

- They're on a mission to boost gender diversity in leadership positions worldwide. No boundaries, no limits—just equal opportunities for everyone.

- Gucci's not playing around when it comes to the gender pay gap. By 2025, they aim to close it completelyfor equivalent positions. 

- They're breaking barriers and creating more opportunities for people with disabilities in the workplace. Because diversity means everyone's invited to the style party.

- They’re adopting inclusive practices for gender-related self-identification. 

Gucci Changemakers

This brand supports its global team with some seriously cool initiatives and Gucci Changemakers is one of them. Gucci offers meaningful opportunities through the Gucci Changemakers global volunteering program, allowing employees to engage with their local communities and participate in projects that advance social justice, education, health and wellbeing, and environmental initiatives. Additionally, employees have the chance to contribute to the Gucci North America Changemakers Impact Fund, supporting organisations that cater specifically to communities of colour in 12 cities across North America. These initiatives reflect Gucci's commitment to fostering positive change and making a difference in the lives of diverse communities worldwide.

Gender Pay Parity

By 2025, the brand aims to achieve gender pay equity for management and senior management roles. To reach this goal, in 2021, Gucci conducted a global analysis of gender pay parity in over 45 countries. This analysis helped them identify and address unexplained pay disparities between genders. In 2021, Gucci reaffirmed their commitment to gender equality by signing the Women's Forum CEO Champions Commitments during the Women's Forum G20 Italy event in Milan (October 18-19). This commitment aims to accelerate progress towards achieving Zero Gender Gap. 

Creating greater opportunities for people with disabilities in the workplace

On July 20, 2022, Gucci achieved a significant milestone as the first luxury fashion brand to receive certification from the Disability Equality Index. This index, a collaboration between the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and Disability:IN, a global business disability inclusion network, comprises over 400 corporations. Scoring an impressive 80 out of 100 points in the index, Gucci earned recognition as one of the “best places to work for disability inclusion.”

Gucci Chime

Let's lift our designer sunglasses to Gucci ChimeLaunched in 2013, Gucci Chime is a global campaign advocating for gender equality. With the support of 185 non-profit partners, including Equality Now, Global Fund for Women, Ms. Foundation, mothers2mothers, and UN Women, among others, Gucci has raised nearly $20 million to fund over 500 projects worldwide. Thanks to Gucci Chime, more than 632,000 women and girls have directly benefited from these initiatives.

To find out more on Gucci’s inspiring initiatives, visit equilibrium.gucci.com.