Grazer: A New App for Vegans to Find Love

How much of a relationship is centered around shared values and food

Coupling is all about compatibility, so if you're single, ready to mingle, and one of your greatest passions in life happens to be veganism, you'd probably appreciate the time-saving advantage of having access to a pool of other vegans looking for love.

Enter Grazer, a Tinder for vegans, vegetarians, and those curious about the veg-life. Although launched back in 2020, the app has made waves recently this January—also known as Veganuary to plant-based enthusiasts—with a provocative social media campaign fronted by English drag queen Bimini Bon-Boulash, who is famously vegan. 

UK-based, Grazer is the brainchild of former filmmaker Lewis Foster, who reportedly had the idea for the dating app back in 2010 after being asked to pitch a campaign for KFC. The opportunity got him thinking about his values as a vegan and led him to brainstorm projects that would better serve his community. This led him to the dating scene for vegans, and in 2016, Foster formally hung up his director's hat and dived into developing a dating app for plant-eaters. Four years and funding by the director of Cowspriracy later, Grazer was launched. 

Developing online dating platforms for specific interest groups is nothing new and a prime example of how tech advances to meet our needs better. Grazer's clearly not for everyone, but if concern for the environment and animals are values you look for in a partner, then maybe it will take you fewer left-swipes to find your next promising date. 

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