Shop all Things Stylish at Flat No.8

Alisa Mekmanee

25 Apr 2022

Located at Gaysorn Village, Flat No.8 aims to be more than just a clothing retailer

Describing itself as a “select shop”, the newly opened Flat No. 8 at Gaysorn Village offers a wide selection of fashionable products, including garments, perfumes, jewellery and skincare, as well as interior decor, all in one place. The items are sure to impress, as they are hand-picked by fashionista Orawan Ingkasit of Olivia Diamonds. She has made sure to include reputable brands with strong aesthetics, as well as up-and-coming designers who show lots of potential. Orawan also makes sure that Thai-owned brands get their spotlight, with brands like Janesuda, Water and Others, Vinn Patararin, Shone Puipia, and many more found throughout the shop.

While you’re shopping for things to wear, decorative items on sale might catch your eye. Orawan has brought in vases from Tom Dixon, cheetah statues from Versace Home, resin artworks from Decolour, as well as lamp collections from Paul Smith. You can also find artworks by abstract artist Daneenart Burakasikorn adorned on the walls.

Collectibles from Rare Finds and The Treasure Box find their way into the mix for collectors looking for vintage watches or limited edition handbags perhaps. There is also skincare from Skinlab with an exclusive minibox sold only at Flat No.8, scented candles from Thai-owned brand Amoln, and even premium coffee from Raw Chiangrai and Boonma Canele.

Find more information about Flat No.8 on their Facebook or Instagram, or call 063-004-4456.