Unlocking the Planet: Environmental Podcasts That Spark Your Thoughts

Plug in, tune in, and listen to these engaging conversations, practical advice, and inspiring insights for a greener future

Whether you're a climate change expert or a beginner dipping your toes into environmental issues, the journey of learning is a continuous one. Exploring environmental issues and sustainability can be simultaneously overwhelming and eye-opening. Fortunately, there is a treasure trove of  environmental podcasts available that offer a deep dive into the world of sustainability, climate change, and ecological solutions. Whether you're seeking practical tips for leading a more eco-friendly life or craving thought-provoking discussions on pressing environmental challenges, these podcasts have got you covered.


Sutainababble is a comedy podcast that revolves around the environment, created by and for those who find themselves perplexed by ecological matters. Hosted by Oliver Hayes and David Powell, this lighthearted weekly show fearlessly confronts significant environmental challenges. Through engaging interviews with fascinating individuals, they unravel complicated environmental concepts and policies, while shedding light on instances of greenwashing and incompetence. With its timely and humorous approach, Sutainababble aims to both entertain and educate its listeners, leaving them with newfound knowledge and a smile on their faces.

Women Mind the Water

Dr. Pam Ferris-Olson, alongside being the founder of Women Mind the Water—an ocean and conservation platform showcasing issue-based stories and art—takes on the role of host in this intriguing podcast. Through insightful conversations, Pam engages with diverse activists and artists, exploring their profound connection with the ocean and its impact on their artistic expression. These narratives are often deeply personal, drawing listeners in and inspiring them to take action in safeguarding the ocean.

Outrage + Optimism

Outrage + Optimism, co-hosted by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac, renowned for their pivotal roles in overseeing the groundbreaking Paris Agreement on climate change, along with Paul Dickinson, the founder of CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), explores the narratives that lie beneath the surface of climate change headlines. Through engaging conversations with change-makers who transform challenges into opportunities, they celebrate advancements, challenge greenwashing, and tackle complex issues head-on.

Big Closets Small Planet: Michael Schragger

The detrimental impact of fast fashion and the fashion industry on the environment is widely acknowledged. This environmentally conscious podcast covers the pressing issues confronting the industry, while exploring the strategies and solutions necessary for its transformation. Through insightful conversations with a diverse range of individuals, including business leaders, activists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, listeners gain valuable perspectives from inspiring voices striving to implement sustainable practices within the fashion world.

Jane Goodall: The Hopecast

The Jane Goodall Institute is collaborating with Dr. Goodall to create a podcast series that features  fireside chat conversations with influencers, leaders from various sectors like business, policy, and NGOs. These conversations dive into  topics aligned with Jane's vision of creating a better world for everyone. Each episode aims to simplify complex systems, ideas, and obstacles, empowering individuals to take action. The podcast also sheds light on the impactful work carried out by the Jane Goodall Institute, encompassing community-driven conservation initiatives, efforts towards captive animal welfare, advancements in science and technology for conservation, and youth empowerment.

A Matter of Degrees

Join Dr. Leah Stokes and Dr. Katharine Wilkinson in the podcast A Matter of Degrees, where they share stories about the influential factors driving climate change and the solutions available to address it. With the insights of numerous climate leaders, they discuss bold solutions and innovative campaigns, as well as expose instances of wrongdoing and corruption while highlighting efforts to counter them. They also share inspiring stories of individuals actively contributing to the solution.

The Food Fight

The Food Fight, featured on Earth.Org's esteemed list of food-related environmental podcasts is hosted by Matt Eastland and Lukxmi Balathasan and assesses the biggest challenges confronting the food system while placing visionary innovators and entrepreneurs working towards solutions in the limelight. The hosts shed light on the complex dynamics of the food industry and tackle difficult questions such as “Can we trust the food we eat?”


Jen Gale hosts this enlightening podcast, especially to individuals seeking knowledge on the environmental impact of their actions and ways to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Engaging in conversations with inspirational guests, Gale explores their personal journeys of change and highlights their impactful businesses and campaigns. Recent episodes touch upon topics like unusual weather patterns, the loss of distinct seasons, tackling plastic pollution in the oceans, and sustainable parenting.