Casetify Launches Pop-Up Store at CentralWorld

Go give your phone a refreshing makeover from now until March next year

For those who are obsessed with phone cases and need a phone makeover on the daily, we’ve got some hot news—especially for Casetify geeks. Although the brand does not have an official store in Thailand, we are pleased to inform that Casetify has launched a pop-up space at CentralWorld.

The pop-up features displays of smartphone cases with hundreds of distinctive designs along with other tech-ccessories like AirPod cases, laptop cases, MagSafe wallets, and more. There will also be exclusive collections available, including The Bifröst collection (by Realest Intentions), as well as collabs with brands like Kakao Friends and Carnival.

If you just got the iphone 14, you better be visiting the Casetify pop-up store to garnish your new toy. Moreover, the pop-up store is also innovatively designed under a 360° Creative Hub concept and is eye-candy in itself. Of all places, you might be tempted to 'Gram while you're at the pop-up.

The Casetify pop-up store is available today until March 25th, 2023 at the Atrium zone on the 1st floor of CentralWorld.