Explore The Streets of Bangkok with These Exciting Bike Tours

Prepare your sunglasses, put on your explorer's hat, and get ready to pedal your day away

Biking is a timeless mode of transportation and a celebration of human-powered freedom. Whether you're gliding along a sun-kissed coastal path, conquering challenging mountain trails, or weaving through bustling city streets, biking offers an experience like no other. Beyond the joy of gliding on two wheels, biking has plenty of health benefits and is an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Swapping the gas pedal for the bike pedals can make a world of difference, however, in Bangkok it can be dangerous to cycle on roads, but it can be a fun and healthy if done safely with an experienced guide. 

Therefore, Koktail has rounded up a few fun biking tours below. These experiences will allow you to feel the heartbeat of Bangkok's local life and also taste the authentic cuisine of Thailand.

Bangkok Night Bike Tour

Experience a nighttime bike tour in Bangkok to avoid crowded daytime streets of the city. In the evenings, you can enjoy cooler weather and fewer tourists. Most of all, lay eyes on the illuminated Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun) and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) without the crowds. 

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Exploring Bangkok's Countryside and Local Floating Market with Lunch

Explore the delightful floating market and the countryside surrounding Bangkok by bike. Feel the local culture as you pedal through lush plantations, and explore a hidden gem of a floating market, renowned for its delectable “Thai tapas” snacks. Before continuing the bike adventure, you’ll get to sample some delicious treats and enjoy a delectable Thai lunch.

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A 5-Hour Bike Tour of Hidden Bangkok

Prepare your legs for this five-hour biking tour, ensuring strength and stamina for this 5-hour bike tour. Experience different sides of this lively city to see the bustling food markets and towering skyscrapers. See how local people live their daily lives, savour tropical fruits, cross the Chao Phraya river by boat, and indulge in a delicious freshly prepared lunch.

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Discover Backstreets and Hidden Gems of Thonburi by Bike

For the adventurers out there, this guided bike tour will allow you to explore the charming Thonburi side of Bangkok. Uncover the city's hidden gems as you cycle through peaceful backstreets, narrow lanes, and quaint alleyways. Catch sight of vibrant spots and enticing aromas of the busy city.

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Twilight Bamboo Bicycle Tour: Witness Enchanting Fireflies in Bangkok

Combine an evening bike tour with a delightful dinner at a riverside restaurant. As the night falls, relish the picturesque views of the Chao Phraya River from your dinner table. End the night with a 1-hour river cruise, where you can spot sparkling fireflies and enjoy other mesmerising sights along the way.

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Bangkok Tour by Boat and Bike

Discover the authentic charm of Bangkok beyond the usual tourist paths as you hop on your bike for a full-day adventure by boat and bike. Pedal your way through the suburbs of Bangkok and the scenic beauty on a pleasant bike tour. Pause to explore local stalls and taste Thai specialties at a bustling market. You’ll also learn about the age-old traditions as you hop aboard a traditional longtail boat, cruising through the canals of southern Bangkok. Enjoy a Thai lunch at a local restaurant before continuing your day on two wheels. You’ll also get to visit a fragrant flower farm and an incense factory to learn how things are made. 

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