Koktail Report: The Nomad Capitalist Reveals the World’s Best Passports of 2023

Koktail Magazine

06 Jun 2023

Did your passport make it on the top 10 list? (Spoiler alert: Thailand’s did not)

Created to highlight the best citizenships in the world, the Nomad Capitalist Passport Index has unveiled the best passports to have in 2023.

After assessing 199 countries using five key criteria: visa-free travel, citizen taxation, dual citizenship options, global perception, and personal freedom - the Index has presented the cream of the crop. Bear in mind that a passport's strength can change over time due to various factors like diplomatic relations and economic stability. So, keep your travel goggles on as things may shift year after year!

The Index was designed to speak to the specific needs of aspiring global citizens in a world where global mobility is increasing, yet wealth preservation and personal freedom are increasingly elusive for many.

Now, prepare to be wowed! The United Arab Emirates surprisingly snatched the top spot, marking their debut in the top 10. An impressive leap, they went from ranking 35th in 2022 to 38th in 2021. How was this possible? Well, recent changes granting foreigners the chance to apply for dual citizenship, zero income taxes, a business-friendly atmosphere, and an ever-expanding travel freedom were the magical ingredients. Luxemburg slipped to second place, while Switzerland nabbed the bronze medal, and Ireland secured fourth.

Drumroll, please! As per the esteemed Nomad Capitalist, here are the world's top 10 passports in 2023:

1. United Arab Emirates

2. Luxembourg

3. Switzerland

4. Ireland

5. Portugal

6. Germany

7. Czech Republic

8. New Zealand

9. Sweden

10. Finland

And Thailand? A lowly 102 perhaps unsurprisingly.

Cheers to these awesome top 10 passports that will take you places. Time to get your travel plans in order!

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