10 Upcoming Aesthetic and Therapeutic Games to get Comfortable on the Couch With

Scroll down for ten heartwarming games that will unquestionably put your mind at ease

As the gaming industry grows, a demand for cosy, therapeutic gameplay becomes more prevalent as relaxing wayto wind down on a lazy Sunday afternoon or after a long day of work. Indie developers have been releasing an abundance of titles that cater to this need. Koktail has curated this selection of cosy games, including survival mode adventures, life simulations, immersive narratives, fulfilling quests, and much more.



Fields of Mistria: Embrace the Warmth of a Farming Adventure

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Upcoming 2024

Who can resist the allure of a cosy farming game, perfect for unwinding after a long and exhausting day? Mistria, an idyllic village nestled between the forest and the sea, awaits your arrival. Despite being overgrown and in disarray due to an earthquake, the town is brimming with untapped potential. Embark on a nostalgic Farm-Sim RPG journey as you rebuild the town to its former glory, all while unravelling the mysteries of strange magic that now flows through the land. Immerse yourself in this enchanting world, and watch as your dreams of cultivating a thriving farm come to life.



Solarpunk: Soar through Technologically Advanced Floating Islands

Platform: Microsoft Windows (Upcoming 2023)

Step into the world of Solarpunk, a survival game designed for both solo and cooperative play. Set amidst a stunning landscape of floating islands, you have the freedom to construct buildings, cultivate crops, craft gadgets, and embark on thrilling expeditions to distant lands with your very own airship. As you explore this visually striking game, get ready to lose yourself in the immersive experience that Solarpunk has to offer.



Garden Life: Cultivate Tranquillity in Your Own Oasis

Platform: Microsoft Windows/Xbox/Playstation (Released)

Plant, cultivate, decorate, and manage your own peaceful garden oasis in a breathtakingly beautiful environment. A gardening sandbox game, Garden Life is a cosy and relaxing visual style and gameplay rooted in reality. Players can bring their own garden to life by growing real-world flowers, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables. You’ll also discover many more surprises and meet fun characters from the gardening community!



Tiny Bookshop: Fulfil Your Dream of Opening a Literary Haven

Platform: Microsoft Windows/MacOS (Upcoming 2023)

Calling all bookworms! Here's your chance to live out your dream of owning a quaint bookshop. Leave behind your worries and embark on a cosy narrative management adventure as you set up a charming second-hand bookshop by the sea. Fill your shelves with a delightful assortment of books and curiosities, all while immersing yourself in scenic locations and getting to know the locals. Get ready for a heartwarming journey that combines your love for books with the joy of community.



A Tiny Sticker Tale: Unleash Your Creativity in a Wholesome Adventure

Platform: Nintendo Switch/Microsoft Windows/MacOS (Upcoming 2023)

Prepare for a delightful and bite-sized adventure in A Tiny Sticker Tale. Put your creativity to the test as you solve puzzles by taking and placing stickers in various locations. Transform ordinary objects from the world around you into stickers and use your ingenuity to solve puzzles, all while lending a helping hand to your new friends. Enjoy this wholesome journey that celebrates the power of imagination.



Magical Delicacy: Experience a Nourishing Culinary Journey

Platform: Microsoft Windows/Xbox (Upcoming 2024) 

In Magical Delicacy you play as a young witch Flora. She travels to a distant town to fulfill her dream of becoming a proper witch. Discover a bustling town in a Metroidvania-inspired wholesome cooking game. Customise your own kitchen and prepare mouthwatering meals and potions. Traverse the town, interact with the townsfolk, and fulfil their orders while unravelling the magical secrets of this enchanting world. Get ready for an immersive culinary experience that will warm your heart.



KIBU: Encounter a Tranquil Wilderness Adventure

Platform: Microsoft windows (TBA)

Embark on a serene adventure in the heart of the wilderness with KIBU. Playing a solitary monk, your tasks are to build a temple, brew delicious teas, and explore the untamed landscapes in search of ancient spirits. Carve out your own peaceful corner of home as you uncover hidden secrets and unravel the enigmatic stories of this world.



Fishbowl: Dive into a Warm and Emotional Tale

Platform: Microsoft windows/MacOS/SteamOS (TBA)

Fishbowl is a warm and cosy story that touches upon life’s profound emotions. Follow Alo, a twenty-one-year-old navigating a new city while grieving her grandmother's passing. Living in solitude, she grapples with isolation, nurtures friendships, and seeks understanding in times of grief. The choices she makes each day will shape her unique journey of self-discovery. In Fishbowl, every feeling matters, as there are no right or wrong endings. Prepare to embrace all the emotions that come your way.



Usagi Shima: Create Your Own Bunny-Inhabited Paradise

Platform: iOS/Android (Upcoming 2023) 

Drawing inspiration from aesthetic and soothing games like Neko Atsume and Animal Crossing, Usagi Shima invites you to be the caretaker of an abandoned island. Rebuild and decorate the island, and witness the arrival of visitors over time. Inspired by Ōkunoshima, a real island in Japan that is home to countless bunnies, let Usagi Shima whisk you away to a world of relaxation and adorable companions.



Mineko's Night Market: Craft, Eat, and Cat your Way into Adventure

Platform: Microsoft Windows/MacOS/Nintendo Switch/Playstation/Xbox (Upcoming 2023)

Explore mysteries across four seasons throughout the vast island of Mt. Fugu while you craft peculiar items with the resources you find around the world. In a nutshell, indulge in delectable treats and surround yourself with adorable feline companions. Get ready for a whimsical adventure that combines crafting, gastronomy, and feline charm.

Curl up on your couch with these upcoming aesthetic and therapeutic games. Whether you seek solace in farming, creativity, culinary arts, or the wonders of nature, there's a game for everyone. Dim the lights and let these heartwarming journeys put your mind at ease.