The Five Facets: How Thailand’s Hospitality Scene Will Transform in 2024

WATG's Insights: Pioneering the Future of Hospitality

          The world of luxury hospitality is always in a state of flux, constantly seeking to innovate and create experiences that captivate the discerning traveller. WATG, the globally renowned integrated design firm specialising in hospitality and tourism, recently unveiled their insights into 2024's hospitality trends. Drawing from their seven decades of industry expertise, these revelations are not just about the future; they are about the present, about the here and now. And nowhere are these shifts more palpable than in Thailand, a country synonymous with idyllic getaways and warm, welcoming luxury.



Merging Luxury with Experience

InterContinental Hua Hin Resort & The Surin Phuket

          High-end brands are no longer just about products; they're about experiences. Luxury brands are teaming up with the hospitality industry to tap into the 'experience' economy, aligning with the lifestyles of affluent individuals. InterContinental Hua Hin Resort made waves in June 2022 by hosting a beachfront pop-up by Dior. Not far behind, The Surin Phuket became the talk of the town with its July 2023 Dioriviera collection showcase. In the same vein, Valentino introduced its Valentino Escape 2022 capsule collection at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok in June 2022. This collection draws inspiration from iconic patterns and prints from previous collections, marking a new chapter in their clothing and fashion offerings. These collaborations exemplify luxury brands' increasing foray into the hospitality sector, catering to the ever-evolving upscale market.




'Daycation' Clubs' Popularity

          Private Members Clubs and 'Daycations' Hotels are blending the line between hotels and private clubs by catering to locals with club-like amenities. This subscription model provides more stable revenue compared to transient guests. In the fast-paced urban jungles, the need for quick yet luxurious getaways giving rise to 'Daycation' clubs. Offering individuals or groups a convenient means to temporarily escape the demands of daily life and experience a change of environment and leisure without staying overnight. Sundance Dayclub, located in the heart of Hua Hin, boasts its prime location as the nearest premier day club to Bangkok. It offers guests the elements of luxury living, a secluded and upscale social setting to relish with the best company, a perfect getaway, and dining and drinks experience.




Comprehensive Experiences beyond the Hotel Rooms

          Hotel operators are diversifying into lifestyle concepts within mixed-use developments, including residences, wellness hubs, offices, and private clubs. Moving beyond traditional hotel offerings, 137 Pillars introduces the mixed-use lifestyle trend. Their distinctive 137 Pillars Spirit features the Azimut 55 flybridge motor yacht, docked and ready at Phuket's Yacht Haven Marina. This immersive offering promises guests a taste of the opulent nautical life, marrying land and sea in luxury.




Catering to the Group Traveller

          Multi-generational and blended travel trends post-pandemic are driving demand for larger accommodations in resort settings. Hotels are designing larger villas with family-friendly amenities and flexibility to cater to diverse travel groups. The resurgence of multi-generational travel post-pandemic has seen hotels evolve to meet this demand. Siam Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok has taken the lead, with expansive family suites and myriad amenities. From zones specially curated for children to wellness facilities for adults, they ensure a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort. Similarly, Soneva Kiri provides expansive luxury villas ranging from one to five bedrooms, integrated with the island's natural beauty. These villas are surrounded by lush tropical gardens and offer private pools and open-air bathrooms, all while providing guests with the choice of a beachside, jungle, or breathtaking cliff top location.




Innovative Amenities Define Destinations

          The hospitality industry is competing to offer standout amenities that leverage natural assets and local culture. Partnerships with specialised operators and brands are adding to the appeal. Resorts are curating unique guest experiences, from kids' clubs to wellness programs, to cater to evolving traveller expectations. Offering something more than just luxury, Devasom Hua Hin Resort goes deep into the heart of Thai culture. Guests can rejuvenate with complimentary yoga sessions or dive into local traditions with weekend Thai dessert-making workshops, guaranteeing an immersive experience. In a charming historic setting, Devasom Hua Hin Resort transports its visitors back in time and introduces them to the lively world of Thai culture and customs.


          Thailand's luxury hotels, by adapting and exemplifying WATG's identified trends, are not merely reacting to the times. They are, in fact, shaping them. As they redefine luxury hospitality in 2024 and beyond, they are not just setting benchmarks; they are forging a path for others to follow.