The Irresistible Charm of Mooncakes: An Annual Treat with a Rich History

Mooncakes, from ancient legends to modern delights!

          As the autumn breeze gently sweeps through the streets, there's a delightful aroma that fills the air, signalling the arrival of one of the most anticipated festivals in Chinese culture – the Mid-Autumn Festival. At the heart of this celebration lies a culinary creation known as the mooncake. This pastry has a centuries long rich history that combines taste, flavour and symbolism.

Origins and Legends: A Slice of Lunar History

          Mooncakes can be traced back over 3,000 years to ancient China. The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, was originally a time to give thanks to the gods for a bountiful harvest. During the Yuan Dynasty, the Han Chinese were living under the rule of the Mongols. Legend has it that to overthrow their rulers, they devised a clever plan. The mooncakes played a crucial role in their rebellion, as messages to rebel were hidden inside the pastries to coordinate the uprising. To avoid detection by the Mongol rulers, mooncakes became a symbol of unity and secret communication among the Han Chinese, paving the way for a successful rebellion.

          Today, while mooncakes no longer carry secret messages, they remain an enduring tradition and a representation of reunion, love, and gratitude.

The Global Appeal

          Over the years, the appeal of mooncakes has transcended geographical boundaries, and the celebration of the Moon Festival has spread around the world. Lunar enthusiasts and admirers of Chinese culture eagerly partake in the tradition by sharing mooncakes with friends, family, and colleagues. In countries with significant Chinese communities, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, the Moon Festival is a major cultural event. Additionally, non-Chinese individuals have embraced the festivities, showcasing the universal charm of mooncakes.

          The relation between the Moon Festival and Thai people can be traced back to the significant Chinese influence on Thai culture as Chinese immigrants have been a part of Thai society for centuries, contributing to various aspects of Thai culture, including religion, food, and festivals.

Delightful Varieties: From Classic to Contemporary

          Mooncakes come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and flavours, each region and culture adding its unique touch to this traditional treat. The most iconic and classic mooncake is the Cantonese-style mooncake, featuring a thin crust filled with sweet lotus seed paste and a salted egg yolk at its centre, symbolising the full moon.

          Beside the classic flavour, many other varieties have emerged over the years. From red bean, black sesame, and taro fillings to modern interpretations such as green tea, durian, and even ice cream mooncakes, bakers have embraced creativity to cater to diverse preferences.

Artistry and Design: A Feast for the Eyes

          Mooncakes are not just delightful to eat but are also a feast for the eyes. Intricately designed moulds are used to create exquisite patterns and images on the mooncakes' surface, showcasing the artistry of the bakers. These designs can range from simple floral motifs to intricate landscapes and characters from Chinese mythology. Some mooncakes even take the shape of adorable animals, mythical creatures, or the twelve zodiac animals, making them a popular gift during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

A Time for Family and Tradition

          The Moon Festival is a time of family reunions, and mooncakes play a significant role in these gatherings. The act of sharing and exchanging mooncakes with loved ones reinforces the spirit of togetherness and expresses good wishes for a prosperous future. Families come together to appreciate the full moon while enjoying these pastries.

Discover Mooncakes of the year 2023 from each hotel in Bangkok

Banyan Tree Bangkok

Banyan Tree Bangkok is bringing you its legendary selection of mooncakes. All-time best seller includes durian, assorted nuts, lotus seeds, jujube & walnuts, and custard. Highlighting its new flavour this year, chocolate peanut butter. Packaged in elegant rabbit designed box set of 2, 4 or limited-edition premium of 8 mooncakes, as well as 8-mini custard mooncake set.

For more information and order, call +66 (0) 2679-1200

or email

The Athenee Hotel

 The Athenee Hotel, Bangkok has a selection of six home-crafted recipes in a choice of two presentation boxes. These comprise four signature flavours with black sesame with salted egg yolk, sea salted caramel, raspberry rose and red jasmine, and Mandarin yuzu and macadamia. Two classic flavours are Chanthaburi durian with egg yolk, and white lotus and melon seeds with egg yolk.

 For more information: 

Tel. 02 650 8800 Email


Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok

Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok debuts its 2023 Kimpton Mooncake through the illustrations by local Thai artist Jeep Kongdechakul, whose designs have been featured in many glossy fashion magazines and for brands such as Rimowa and BMW. The bright and bold floral designs are featured on the box and the reusable, origami-like bag it comes in. Each collection comprises four distinct varieties including the traditional lotus seed with egg yolk, durian with egg yolk, creamy custard and sweet and sour cranberry.

For further details, please call 02 056 9999

or email

JW Marriott Bangkok

JW Marriott Bangkok presents “JW Mooncake Collection” from Man Ho Chinese Restaurant. The package is inspired by timeless beauty of the Blue Willow China pattern. The set includes four classic flavours: durian with egg yolk, mixed nuts with egg yolk, lotus seed with egg yolk, and date palm macadamia with egg yolk.

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

 Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park celebrates Mid-Autumn festival with the “A Harmony of Flavors” mooncake collection, available at Pagoda Chinese restaurant featurimg a choice of four traditional and three signature varieties which are Chantaburi durian and white lotus seeds with a single egg yolk, white lotus & melon seeds with a single egg yolk, macadamia nuts and white lotus seeds, and pork Bak-kwa and assorted nuts. A trio of signature mooncakes include caramel espresso, malted chocolate rocher and pork Bak-kwa with assorted nuts. These mooncakes come in three stylishly designed gift boxes which are the lunar box, the luxury box and the treasure box.

 Discover more details of the limited mooncake collection, click

 For more information and pre-orders, contact via call 02 059 5999 or LINE @pagoda.

The St. Regis Bangkok

 The St. Regis Bangkok introduces Mythical Mooncake series, featuring four exceptional flavours of durian with a single egg yolk, red bean with a single egg yolk, mixed nuts, and the newest flavour: Thai tea with macadamia nuts packaged in a versatile cosmetic box.

 The St. Regis Bangkok’s Mythical Mooncakes 2023 is available at The Lounge on level 1 of the hotel from today until September 30, 2023.

 For more information or order, contact 02-207-7813

or or The Lounge at 02-207-7820


W Bangkok

Celebrate the mid-autumn festival with W Bangkok’s sophisticated mooncake box, ‘The Curious Rabbit’. The hotel presents full-moon-shaped iconic pastries, which are symbolic of the moon at its fullest and brightest. W Bangkok offers 4 iconic snow fillings and 4 classic baked fillings. The selection of snow skin features banoffee, citrus, rum raisin and red velvet. The classic baked skin features salted caramel, durian delight, chesnut and nuts & fruits.

Choose to purchase online on

Visit the pop-up mooncake booth at The Pantry on W Bangkok’s 2nd floor

or call 02 344 4000.

          The mooncake is more than just a pastry; it represents a blend of culinary art, cultural significance, and cherished traditions. As the Moon Festival approaches each year, the aroma of these delightful treats fills the air, reminding us of the beauty of unity, love, and gratitude that lie at the heart of this ancient celebration.