Thailand’s leading chefs and Restaurants and Thailand’s Favourite Restaurants by Koktail presented by Siam Paragon Join Hands to Spotlight the Plight of Migrant Workers in Thailand’s Fishing Industry

Koktail Magazine

28 Sep 2023

Join the fight against sea-bound slavery with Labour Protection Network (LPN), the modern-day abolitionists making a difference in Thailand, at Thailand's Favourite Restaurants by Koktail’s event of the year from 27th to 29th October at Parc Paragon

          Be a part of making a positive change and make sure to save the dates this coming October 27th to 29th, as ‘Thailand's Favourite Restaurants by Koktail presented by Siam Paragon’ brings you two very special Charity Dinners plus the second annual top chefs food festival at Parc Paragon. Get a chance to taste the incredible food of 40 of Thailand’s most exciting chefs with 20 different restaurants participating each day. In addition to a great two-day food extravaganza in an air-conditioned marquee, we will be holding two very special charity dinners on the Friday and Saturday, with 14 highly acclaimed chefs from Thailand, Singapore and Japan joining hands over two nights to create an incredible 10-course dining experience in support of the LPN Foundation's mission to combat sea-bound slavery and to help enhance Thailand’s global reputation as a true gastro destination for sustainable dining.

          Over three days, you can look forward to never before culinary experiences where Thailand's top restaurants, plus exciting overseas guest chefs, will showcase their cooking skills, offering an array of dishes and beverages. It's a chance to savour exquisite cuisine, support a noble cause, and celebrate Thailand's culinary excellence, all in one extraordinary event.

Charity Dinner Pricing (6.30 pm to 9.30 pm October, 27th and 28th 2023):

With Special Wine pairing: 15,000 baht plus VAT

With Soft Drink pairing: 12,500 baht plus VAT

Book now to take advantage of the early bird offer with a Baht 2,500 saving per person: 


Here are just some of the restaurants who will be participating with pop-up booths during the day from 11am to 4pm on the days of 28th and 29th October in the Marquee at Parc Paragon.

Bisou Bangkok

Laad Phuket

Mango Tree





Canes Plant-based Culinary Lab & Fine-dining Restaurant

Chai Jia Chai

Fat Lamb




Ministry of Crab


Villa Frantzen

Advance booking for this event commences on Weds 4th of October.

More about LPN foundation.

          In Thailand, a mix of poverty, a demand for cheap labour and corruption creates a troubling environment for human rights. Migrant workers, the most vulnerable group in this scenario, lack basic rights like freedom of movement, job changes, education access, and the ability to organise. Without these rights, they can suffer abuse and exploitation from authorities and employers, making them some of the most exploited people in Thailand. While the kingdom is making strong efforts to eradicate this modern-day form of slavery still more needs to be done. For Thailand to truly become the global gourmet destination it deserves then it must succeed in putting an end to these practices.

          The Labour Protection Network (LPN) was established to combat discrimination and inequality faced by migrant labourers in Thailand, aiming to uplift their lives. LPN demonstrates the courage to execute life-saving rescues immediately and the strategic vision to safeguard communities against long-term human rights abuses. Thailand’s Favourite Restaurants by Koktail is happy to be supporting this important cause.

LPN’s Theory of Change

          LPN creates a positive cycle that combines immediate rescue efforts with long-term prevention strategies. There are people in trouble now that need help and care. Yet there are also younger generations of vulnerable people we need to prevent from becoming trafficked in the first place.

          Their immediate rescue missions provide the evidence required for advocating against human rights violations and offer insights for improving prevention measures. Their ongoing work in prevention and education strengthens community access and trust, helping surface information about potential abuse cases. Education emerges as the most effective tool to break the cycle of poverty and empower communities against exploitation. LPN employs a potent method to enhance the lives of migrants in Thailand while eradicating human rights abuses.

LPN’s Services

Raids, rescue, and victim assistance

          LPN concentrates on three core service areas which are raids, rescue, and victim assistance. They continue to receive distress calls and actively engage in projects like investigating and rescuing victims on both land and sea. They also provide crucial post-rescue services, including healthcare, trauma support, shelter, and legal aid.

Migrant Education Centres

          Migrant children often lack access to education. LPN addresses this by establishing Migrant Education Centres which are safe spaces for migrant children to learn, integrate into local schools, and build new lives in Thailand.

Labour rights promotion, advocacy, and media

          LPN recognises the need for greater efforts in combating human rights abuses and trafficking. They engage in research, develop and translate rights education materials, advocate for policy changes, and conduct labour rights training.

          LPN's impact on the lives of migrant workers is nothing short of revolutionary. As modern-day abolitionists, they strive to end slavery at sea, illuminating a path towards a more just and equitable future for Thailand's most vulnerable population. Join them in their mission and make a difference today. Thailand’s Favourite Restaurants by Koktail will be helping to raise funds for this important cause throughout the weekend of 27th 29th October at Parc Paragon.