Flight24Bkk: Discovering Sukhumvit 24's Secret Bar

With expert staff, premium cocktails, a selection of up to 200 wine labels, and flavourful dishes, Flight24Bkk is a must-visit gem.

If you're on the hunt for a gem in the Sukhumvit area, make your way to this hidden bar located on the 6th floor of i-Store Self Storage. This elusive spot, known as Flight24Bkk, is where the charm of Italy meets the sophistication of Japanese style, wrapped up in a cosy and luxurious setting. Koktail discovered what makes this bar a must-visit destination.

When you press the elevator button to ascend to the 6th floor and step into Flight24Bkk, you're immediately enveloped in a blend of European and Japanese design aesthetics. The interior is a blend of blue, gold, and brown tones, creating a serene yet luxurious atmosphere. One of the bar's most captivating features is its large windows, offering an expansive view of the Sukhumvit neighbourhood, perfectly framed by the blue chairs lined up in front of the bar.

Flight24Bkk's Crafted Beverages

Flight24Bkk prides itself on serving a variety of cocktails, with prices starting from a modest THB 180. Beyond cocktails, the bar presents an extensive selection of other liquors, boasting over 200+ wine labels ready for purchase.

The bar embodies the concept of a special flight, whisking guests away on a journey into the world of a Single Malt Bar. The experience is designed to take you to the "Whiskey Experience Bar," where the essence of whiskey is celebrated and savoured.

The bar features a team of experts bar staff and sommeliers, who are ready to recommend drinks and share their knowledge about the selected offerings available at Flight24.

Veeraphong “Boy” Hongsakul, or “Boy Sommelier”, is the bar's owner. Renowned for his expertise in the liquor industry in Thailand, Boy brings this wealth of experience to Flight24Bkk. Among the offerings is the "Boy Sommelier" glass, specially designed for guests to enhance their whiskey tasting experience.

Boy recounted that his journey into this industry began with whisky.

“I started my journey in this industry because of my love for whisky. In my early adulthood whisky was a big part of my life, and I developed a deep appreciation for it. One day, I had the realisation that my passion for whisky could open doors for me in the wine industry, and that became the foundation of everything I do today. Working in this field fuels my passion, driving me to learn. I've actively engaged in competitions within the industry and have achieved success for over two decades. Additionally, I've travelled abroad to broaden my knowledge and share it with customers or anyone interested in single malt or liquor.”

Flight24Bkk also offers an impressive food menu packed. Highlights include spaghetti with olive oil and tomatoes, topped with tobiko; crowd-pleasing shrimp popcorn with wasabi mayo sauce; and mixed grilled platter. These dishes are designed to complement the bar's beverages, ensuring a harmonious flavour that enhances the overall dining and drinking experience.

“Spaghetti AOP has been a staple in my previous restaurants. The chef here used to work with me at one of those previous restaurants, where I first fell in love with this dish a decade ago. I've decided to give it a spicy Asian twist for our customers, especially those who enjoy it with alcoholic beverages. The combination of flavours is perfect—a blend of smoked bacon, garlic, olive oil, with a spicy kick and a delightful crunch from tobiko.”

During our visit, we had the pleasure of sampling four of the bar's signature cocktails: Flight Effect, Flight24, Negroni and Boy’s Signature with imported olive from Spain.

His passion for wine continues into the class for wine aficionados, where Boy's dedication to sharing his expertise shines through.

“I work as a wine educator, and I thought, why not share my knowledge with others who are interested? That's why I'm starting a Wine Class 101 at the end of March. I'll cover everything from the basics to advanced topics, including old world and new world wines, pairing food with wine, wine tasting techniques, and exploring the characteristics of wines from different countries.”

Customer-Centric Luxury

Each table in the bar is equipped with sockets for customers to charge their devices while soaking in the ambiance, part of Boy's dedication to customer convenience.

Additionally, the bar provides a VIP room catering to groups of up to seven people. With readily accessible parking lots, Flight24Bkk guarantees a hassle-free experience for valued customers.