The ECOLIFE Effect: Top Pipat's Small Eco-Steps to Top-Tier Impact

Top Pipat, known for his dedication to eco-friendliness and the co-founder of KidKid Co., Ltd., is here to discuss his innovative app, ECOLIFE, and share some valuable tips for going green in this exclusive interview.

"We can all help our planet, starting with little things we love doing!"

Top Pipat's journey from running a simple ecoshop to establishing a social enterprise began with a desire to make a difference in environmental conservation. He mixed his love for creativity with a smart tech platform, and boom - ECOLIFE was born! For Top, 'eco' means looking after nature and being smart with resources. When we blend it in our lifestyle, we start caring more about our planet.

"I was so super serious about being eco-friendly, and at times  it was a bit too much for some. So, I shifted to a simpler friendlier approach, and tried to make it fun."

Top even made his wedding eco-friendly! The event was held in a hotel close to public transport to cut down on car use and minimise carbon emissions. He used recycled materials for the invitations and wedding guest book. Instead of regular decorations, flowers, and customary cake cutting, the couple planted trees.

From Little Beginnings to ECOLIFE

"I watched the film, 'An Inconvenient Truth,' about how greenhouse gases affect our climate. It was a real eye-opener. My wife and I started an 'ECOSHOP' to sell eco-friendly products, but we wanted to do more. So, we made this cool app to get people involved and help them to learn about living green."

ECOLIFE, launched a few years after ECOSHOP,  first focussing on getting people to walk, run, or bike instead of driving. The next version had ‘Ecomap’, a map for eco-places, and a fun game where you can help save polar bears and other animals. Users who are eco-friendly earn characters by recycling or planting trees, and they accumulate points that are redeemable for rewards and discounts.

"We want ECOLIFE to be helpful, fun, and really make a difference. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of version three in mid-2024!”

Dreaming of a Greener World

“I didn't start off wanting to change the entire world, and I am the first to admit I am not a 100% eco-person at all times. I just love eco-friendly living and being creative. That's how KidKid Co., Ltd. started - to make a difference in our community."

Top dreams of a world where everyone does little things for the environment, like using reusable cups or cutting down on waste. He believes these small steps can lead to big results, and thus a healthier planet.

Turning Little Green Choices into Major Wins

“ECOLIFE is just the start. The real win is when governments step up and take serious action on environmental issues.”

Currently, ECOLIFE has 90,000 users doing over 2 million eco-friendly actions so far! Users include employees from over 120 companies and students in Bangkok. Top's next goal is to expand to different groups and careers and get even more people involved. While Top sees the app as a tool for raising awareness and gathering data, he emphasises that legislative action and governmental support are crucial for real change, he knows the real battleground is in the halls of power, where policies can turn the tide.

Tips for Future Eco-Friends

"In my opinion, the new generations seem to be more aware about environmental issues than previous generations. From my personal experience, it’s very difficult to explain to my parents about waste separations. Sometimes you need tricks to make them change their practice into more eco-friendly ways without forcing them.” 

Top imagines a world full of nature and resources for the next generations. We don't have to wait for others; we can start now and teach our kids to do their part. Even small steps can lead to a better, greener world. If you care about our planet and want to make a difference, just keep believing and doing your thing.