Friday Future Lister: Dujdao’s Passion in Nurturing Humanity Through Dance and Art

In a world often marked by uncertainty and division, people like Dujdao Vadhanapakorn serve as catalysts for positive change

For this week’s Friday Future Lister, Koktail  proudly presents Dujdao Vadhanapakorn, someone who has a true passion for dance movement therapy and an unwavering commitment to spreading empathy. As the founder of Empathy Sauce, she has dedicated herself to a multitude of initiatives, ranging from self-development sessions and classes to organisational development, all with the intention of implanting empathy in her community. 

She strongly believes in the beauty of humanity and the potential to nurture respect and compassion through empathic communication. To her, performing art serves as a powerful manifestation of human skills and mindset, a testament to the endless potential of human beings. Beyond her work with Empathy Sauce, she also hosts a podcast for The Standard's "R U OK," and as a core member of B-Floor Theatre, where she plays vital roles as an artist, actor, director, producer, designer, and financial officer. 

What is Empathy Sauce?

Dujdao's deep connection to dance began at a young age and took her on an extraordinary journey. Studying dance movement psychotherapy at London's prestigious Goldsmith University profoundly influenced her perspective. Dancing was not just a means of self-expression for her; it became a gateway to questions about human nature.

Through this approach of artistic expression, Dujdao uncovered a fundamental truth: the importance of empathy in her interactions with others. Today, she stands as the founder and managing director of Empathy Sauce. Her transformative journey, from the dance floor to the founder of Empathy Sauce, is a testament to the heartfelt impact of her insights into the human condition.

Driven by a clear mission, Empathy Sauce promotes the vital importance of empathy within Thai urban society. They strongly believe that empathy can offer significant benefits to all members of the community. With a vision of fostering a society where individuals treat each other with respect and compassion, they stand ready to provide comprehensive services and knowledge on empathy, spanning from individual to organisational levels.

Founded in 2020, Empathy Sauce brings together a dedicated team of specialists in empathetic communication, mental health, and theatre and performance arts. With their collective expertise, Empathy Sauce has crafted a range of services and products.

Academy (Group)

Bringing their expertise as professional theatre directors to the table, their approach involves the design of unique “Experiential Learning methods” and “Simulated Situations”, all aimed at making sure participants bring out the utmost value from their courses.

Workshop by The Workshoppers (One-on-One / Group)

With a focus on personal development and mental health, they leverage their expertise as a professional Dance and Movement Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Instructor to guide participants on a journey within their own thoughts. Through the use of empathetic communication, mind exploration, and art activities, they hold the belief that these techniques empower participants to move forward in life with greater mental resilience.

Mental Toolkit

This product is crafted to serve as a first-aid kit for individuals encountering various negative states of mind. This self-exploration toolkit is skillfully designed to lead users into their 'Self-Empathy' mode, with guidance provided by Dujdao, the psychotherapist.

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