“Bliss”: An Art Exhibition Celebrating Inner Joy and Bhutanese Culture

Exploring Immortal Pleasure Through Spiritual Art by “Twinz” between 3 August - 3 September 2023

          Discover an art experience that invites you to explore happiness and spiritual depth through creativity. "Bliss," an art exhibition brought to life by Bhutanese artists, Tashi Dendup and Ugyen Samdrup, known as Twinz. This spectacle runs from August 3rd to September 3rd, 2023. Their works blend the essence of Vajrayana Buddhism and Bhutanese culture suggesting a journey into a higher state of contentment.

Who are Twinz?

          The creative minds behind Twinz, Tashi Dendup and Ugyen Samdrup, are twin brothers from Bhutan. Their artistic journey began as they pursued a formal education in Fine Arts. Their shared mindset led them to collaborate on artworks inspired by Vajrayana Buddhism and Bhutanese culture. They gained recognition through exhibitions like "Warriors" and "Invoking Entities," capturing the attention of art enthusiasts including the King of Bhutan.

Cracking the Code of Bliss

          Bliss, or Mahasukha in Sanskrit, signifies a state of pure and everlasting pleasure. In the context of this exhibition, it's a concept rooted in Buddhist philosophy, transcending everyday concerns and social norms. It's a kind of happiness that goes beyond rational thought and rituals, encouraging compassion for all living beings.

Inspiration Behind the Art

          The artworks in "Bliss" draw inspiration from Vajrayana Buddhism, Bhutanese culture, psychedelics, and shamanism. Twinz's art embodies both tangible aspects, like traditional Bhutanese art forms, and intangible elements, such as the profound wisdom of Buddhism. The exhibition paints a vivid picture of Bhutan's rich heritage, incorporating its spiritual teachings and cultural treasures.

Meaningful Messages

          Each piece in the collection symbolises the inherent strength within us. These pieces depict human figures as representations of the inner warrior spirit. This spirit, born from an awakened mind, helps to face challenges, both internal and external. The portraits, often featuring women, symbolise wisdom and energy. These women are seen as protectors of spiritual practice, embodying both humanity and divinity.

Style and Technique

          Twinz employs vibrant colours and free-style patterns, blending traditional symbols with realistic or semi-realistic portraits. Their technique draws inspiration from Renaissance art and contemporary Western styles. This artistic approach helps convey profound concepts like unity, consciousness, and compassion. The art encourages mindfulness in daily actions, fostering wisdom, gentleness, compassion, and courage.

Artistic Journeys

          Twinz's journey has taken them through various exhibitions, including the "Serendipity Arts Festival," "Expo-2020," and more. They've also illustrated children's books and participated in fundraising events during the pandemic. Their art reflects their homeland's spirit and has garnered international attention.

Visit “Bliss” between 3 August - 3 September 2023

at RCB Photographers' Gallery 1, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok.

Free admission.