Research Indicates that 80s Music Rocks as the Top Genre for Stress Reduction

With an ability to invoke a sense of positive nostalgia, researchers have found that ‘80s music is the best genre to reduce stress

Who doesn’t love pop jams from the ‘80s? Well, we’ve got some great news because music from the ‘80s is the best for battling stress.

According to a study by Turkey-based cosmetic surgery centre Vera Clinic, which specialises in hair transplants, the study involved 1,540 adult volunteers between the ages of 18 and 65. These participants were subjected to a sequence of mental stress assessments, during which they were exposed to a diverse range of Spotify playlists. These playlists encompass various popular music genres, including classics like '60s "Golden Oldies," energetic '70s rock anthems, and smooth '90s R&B. Additionally, the experiment included less mainstream styles such as dubstep, jazz, and contemporary classical compositions.

Surprisingly, the study revealed  that playlists featuring beloved '80s cheesy hits had the most calming impact on participants. A whopping  96% of the group reported a reduction in blood pressure while listening to these tunes, and 36% also experienced a decrease in their heart rate.

The research relied on Spotify playlists including one associated with the UK's Channel 4 drama series, "It's A Sin." This particular playlist featured an eclectic mix of hits from the era, ranging from Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" to Blondie's "Call Me," Wham!'s "Freedom," Bette Midler's "Wind Beneath My Wings," and Pet Shop Boys' "It's a Sin," among others.

In contrast, techno music seemed to annoy the participants most. The relentless beats led to a notable increase in blood pressure for 78% of those involved. Interestingly, heavy metal, which might come as a surprise to some, emerged as one of the most effective genres in terms of reducing both heart rate and blood pressure. Approximately 18% reported a decrease in heart rate, while 89% indicated a drop in blood pressure.

The research suggests that '80s top 40 tunes have the potential to evoke feelings of nostalgia and positivity in a significant number of listeners. 

While '80s pop hits continue to hold a special place in the hearts and minds of listeners, it goes beyond entertainment as demonstrated by research, it has the potential to  positively influence physiological responses, such as reducing blood pressure and heart rate. Whether it's the iconic tunes of that era or the cheesy yet beloved tracks, '80s pop music continues to resonate with audiences and will always stay timeless. 

Have you listened to an ‘80s pop tune yet today?